What to Expect from a Lesbian Massage?

Published: Apr 10, 2024 | Revised: Jun 16, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Woman massaging other woman

Sometimes you’ll see advertising of Lesbian Massage, and in this post we take a look at what it actually means and what you can expect.

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Although it’s often thought that a Lesbian Massage is “something sexual,” it’s important to understand that a Lesbian Massage session is not necessarily a Sensual Erotic Massage treatment. For instance, it can be a fully or partly clothed Shiatsu Massage or Swedish Massage without any extra erotic elements or services.

In a general sense, offerings of Lesbian Massage include all types of massages and just carry that specific label because the massage environment and sessions are catered to lesbians (homosexual women), typically given by a female masseur who may be lesbian herself, but the latter is certainly not a rule.

In fact, a Lesbian Massage is not so different from a “regular” massage session. It’s rather about offering a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere and ambience, using gender-neutral language, displaying symbols or signs that show LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, that is, understanding the needs, concerns, and preferences of lesbian or LGBTQ+ clients.

Lesbian Massage offerings are about assuring lesbians that they can feel comfortable, are respected, and that the staff or individual massage practitioner are knowledgeable of LGBTQ+ issues. One could also say that the establishment or individual therapist is lesbian-friendly.

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However, sometimes a lesbian rather prefers to have a Lesbian Massage from a lesbian masseur because they would feel more comfortable in the presence of another lesbian to be able to fully relax. In this scenario, she will need to explicitly ask the massage or spa establishment (or independent masseuse) if that will/can be the case.

Some lesbians don’t mind to have a massage from a heterosexual woman, but they may prefer to have an Erotic Massage such as Erotic Breast Massage, Nuru Massage, or Tantric Yoni Massage from another lesbian. As these types of massages are much more intimate than regular massages, it will make them feel more relaxed, while also having the feeling that another homosexual woman understands their needs better, both on the physical and the emotional-sexual level.

Nevertheless, an Erotic Lesbian Massage doesn’t imply that both the client and masseuse will be nude. This may be an option, depending on what the therapist offers (think for instance of a Nuru Body-to-Body Slide Massage), but an Erotic Massage usually means that only the receiver will be (partly) naked.

A Sensual Erotic Massage neither means that the masseuse will automatically offer Happy Ending or Full Service treatments. It may be the case that extra sexual services are part of the offering, but this is something that the massage provider will most likely state beforehand, or if not — it needs to be asked after.

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Mind also that there are quite some bisexual, bicurious, and heterosexual women who may opt for a Lesbian Massage. This may simply be out of curiosity, but it may also be to feel more safe and welcomed.

Another point is if women with a penis or transsexual women (either lesbians or heterosexual) are also welcome in Lesbian Massage establishments. It’s an interesting question, but hard to find an answer for because it will often depend very much on the (willingness and proficiency of) an individual therapist or massage establishment.

When it comes to therapeutic massage treatments for lesbians that address emotional and trauma release, such as Body De-Armoring treatments (also called Somatic De-Armoring or Emotional De-Armoring), it can be an extra plus to have a lesbian massage practitioner, or at least a masseuse part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

For instance, Sexual De-Armoring therapy for LGBTQIA+ individuals often includes working with repressed or suppressed emotions and trauma that’s connected to the genitals, erogenous zones, gender issues, sexual orientation, and the prejudice, discrimination, and rejection of people in their social environment. Hence, a LGBTQIA+ practitioner/therapist is more likely to better understand and really feel what’s needed and (when properly trained) how to correctly address resurfacing trauma during a session.

At any rate, quite a topic, one that needs to be approached from out a plethora of different needs and expectations, and we hope with this article to have lifted some of the myths and mysteries around Lesbian Massage.

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