What Is Gay Massage and What to Expect?

Published: Jan 7, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

What Is Gay Massage?

In this post, we’ll discuss the phenomenon of Gay Massage offerings, also called Gay Male Massage or Gay Men Massage, that is, we’ll look at what Gay Massage means and what you can expect of a session.

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First of all, it’s important to understand that a Gay Massage session is certainly not necessarily a Sensual Erotic Massage treatment, which is a common misunderstanding. For instance, it can be a fully or partly clothed Thai Massage or Swedish Massage without any extra erotic elements or sexual services. Any massage can be offered as a “Gay Massage.”

In fact, Gay Massage — which can be carried out by independent Gay Massage therapists or within Gay Massage Parlors — is a regular (non-erotic) or erotic massage treatment session for those gay men who feel more welcomed, respected, and safe in the presence of another gay man (the masseur) or in an establishment that is gay-friendly or LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

Some homosexual men may also specifically want a gay man massaging them to be able to completely relax, which is of course an important aspect of having a massage session. As it is, there’s (still) a lot of prejudice, discrimination, and ridicule towards gay men, and it simply make gays feel more comfortable to have another gay man working on them.

There are also homosexual men who especially prefer to have an Erotic Massage such as Prostate Massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, or Tantric Lingam Massage from another gay man. Such massages are much more intimate than regular non-erotic massages, and gay men sometimes prefer a gay masseur because they have the feeling that they would understand their physical, emotional, and sexual needs better.

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Mind that an Erotic Male Massage doesn’t mean that both the client and practitioner will be nude. This may be the case, depending on what the therapist offers — think for instance of a Nuru Body Slide Massage — but an Erotic Massage usually means that only the receiver will be naked.

Moreover, the term Gay Male Masseur isn’t a synonym for prostitute or sex worker, and they don’t automatically offer Happy Ending or Full Service treatments. The latter may be offered, but that will most likely be made clear beforehand.

Mind also that Gay Male Massage therapists not necessarily only work with gay men; they’re just massage therapists who happen to be gay, and many also offer their services to heterosexual men, bisexual and bicurious men, or to women.

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As for therapeutic massage treatments for gay men that address emotional and trauma release, such as is the case in Body De-Armoring treatments (also called Emotional De-Armoring), it can be an advantage to have a Gay Massage practitioner, or at least a masseur who’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The thing is that De-Armoring for gay men will often involve Sexual De-Armoring or Genital De-Armoring therapy, which includes working with repressed or suppressed emotions and trauma that’s connected to the genitals, erogenous zones, gender issues, sexual orientation, and the prejudice, discrimination, and rejection of people in their social environment.

Thus, a LGBTQIA+ practitioner most likely better understands and really feels what’s needed and — when properly trained — how to correctly address resurfacing trauma during a healing session.

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