Exploring the History and Techniques of Nuru Massage

Published: Jan 2, 2024
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Exploring the History and Techniques of Nuru Massage

Welcome to the intriguing world of Nuru massage, a unique form of massage that originated in Japan and is known for its sensual and intimate nature. Nuru massage involves a special gel made from nori seaweed, creating an incredibly slippery sensation between two bodies.

This ancient Japanese technique combines relaxation with close physical contact to foster pleasure and an emotional connection between participants.

In this blog post, we will delve into the history of nuru massage, exploring how it started in Eastern culture before making its way to Western societies. We’ll uncover the traditional masseuse techniques, touch on various creative positions employed during a session, and investigate everything you need to know about this distinctive practice.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or to deepen intimacy with your partner through new experiences in touch and connection – learning about nuru massage might open up doors you never knew existed.

Let’s glide into this slippery adventure together!

History of Nuru Massage

Tracing back to its roots, Nuru massage emerges from Japan’s rich tapestry of adult relaxation techniques and – an art form that has seductively made its way across oceans to captivate Western desires for exotic and erotic indulgence.

Origins in Japan

Nuru massage began in the lively Kawasaki red light district of Japan. In the late 20th century, this unique form of erotic massage was created. It started as a service given by sex workers to men looking for something new and exciting.

These workers used a special slippery gel made from seaweed to glide over their clients’ bodies. They called it nuru gel, coming from the Japanese word for “slippery”.

The technique quickly became popular and spread beyond Kawasaki. Other red light areas in Japan adopted Nuru massage, making it part of Japanese culture for adult entertainment.

The whole experience focused on the body-to-body contact between the person giving the massage and their client, offering an intense sensation that many found pleasurable and different from other types of erotic massage like tantric massage.

Introduction to the West

From its roots in Japan, Nuru massage began to make global waves. The early 2000s saw this unique massage style arrive in Western countries with a splash. It quickly caught on as an erotic massage experience, different from other types of body-to-body massages people already knew about.

People got excited about trying out the slippery magic of Nuru massage gel and feeling a new kind of touch slide over their entire bodies. But not everyone was happy. Some places had laws against activities that looked too much like prostitution, so offering or getting a Nuru massage sometimes led to legal problems.

Despite these issues, many were curious and wanted the full Nuru massage experience for themselves, looking for relaxation and a special connection only found through this intimate form of therapy.

Techniques Used in Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a unique experience where the body-to-massage contact creates a deep connection. A special kind of lubricant, often a slippery seaweed gel, is used to make sure there’s smooth gliding between bodies.

  • Massage therapists start by pouring the warm gel over both bodies, preparing the skin for full-body contact.
  • Gliding motions are the core of Nuru; these help in spreading the gel evenly and warming up the muscles.
  • Kneading strokes follow, focusing on tense muscles and knots to ease them gently.
  • The therapist uses her entire body to massage, not just her hands, creating varied sensations.
  • Pressure varies from light touches to deeper pushes using different parts of the body.
  • Synchronised breathing helps both people relax and enhances the emotional bond.
  • Throughout the session, creative positions allow for different angles and depths of pressure.

Types of Touch

Take note of these different types of touch, as this will be an integral part of the perfect Nuru Massage experience.

  • Light strokes: Begin with soft touches on the skin. This can help the person relax and get ready for more massage.
  • Effleurage strokes: Use long, flowing moves over the body. This helps warm up the muscles.
  • Kneading: Gently squeeze and press different parts of the body. This can loosen tight spots.
  • Pressing: Apply steady pressure with your hands to help work out knots in muscles.
  • Gliding: Slide your hands or body along the skin with a smooth, even motion. Add some massage oil or gel to make it slippery and fun.
  • Sensual touching: Pay attention to areas that give pleasure. But always be respectful and kind.

Creative Positions

Creative positions are a big part of Nuru massage. They allow for close contact between bodies in many different ways. Below are some ideas you can use:

  1. The Slide and Glide: One person lies flat while the other, covered in slippery Nuru gel, slides their body over them. This move creates smooth and enjoyable body-to-body contact.
  2. The Saddle Position: Here, one person sits with their legs stretched out while the other sits on top facing them or turned away. This lets both people get close and personal.
  3. The Twister: Both people stand facing each other and then twist their bodies in opposite directions. They take turns to slide against one another, mixing up the sensations.
  4. The Mirror Move: Lying face-to-face, partners copy each other’s movements as they glide their hands and bodies together. It’s like a dance where touch leads the way.
  5. The Arch Bridge: One person forms an ‘arch’ by leaning on their hands and feet. The other slides underneath, allowing for a playful exchange of movement and pressure.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

These are some of the benefits of Nuru Massage:


The Nuru massage technique brings deep relaxation. Your body feels calm as the masseuse slides over you. The special gel used warms and soothes your muscles. It’s like all your stress melts away.

Your mind gets quiet, too. You breathe easier and feel more at peace with each minute of the massage. Now, imagine the warmth helping not just your body but also boosting how you feel inside.

With relaxation covered, let’s explore another joy of Nuru massage – sensual pleasure.

Sensual pleasure

As you melt into a calm state from your massage, the touch shifts to stir more than just relaxation. Sensual pleasure is a big part of Nuru massage. The gel used is smooth, allowing bodies to slide against each other with ease.

This kind of contact can wake up the skin and make every nerve feel alive.

During a Nuru massage, you might find warmth and tingling sensations spreading through your body. It’s not just about muscles; it’s also about unlocking feelings that bring joy and excitement.

This experience touches deep desires and can help people explore their own bodies in new ways.

Emotional connection

Sharing a Nuru massage can help people feel close. The touch of skin-to-skin is powerful. It’s not just about feeling good in the body; it’s also about making a deep link with someone else.

Trust grows in this kind of massage because both people are open and close together.

This openness creates a special bond that often lasts outside the massage room. People can carry this feeling into their daily lives, helping them connect better with others around them.

Next, we’ll look at how all these touches and moves come together during Nuru massage sessions.


Nuru massage has a rich history, starting in Japan and spreading to other parts of the world. It uses special techniques and touches that can help you relax, feel good, and connect with others.

Remember, some places have rules about this kind of massage. If you’re curious, look for a legal Nuru massage provider to experience its unique benefits safely.

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