Massage, Sensuality, and Eroticism | Differences and Similarities

Published: Jan 31, 2021
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Massage, Sensuality, and Eroticism

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In everyday language the difference between sensuality and eroticism is somewhat blurry. Both words are typically used in a sexual sense, although there are some subtle differences.

When we look at the exact meaning of sensuality we find, for instance, the following definition: “The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure or satisfaction.”

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Following the definition given above, it’s clear that sensuality is often connected to sexuality, although it’s not necessarily always the case. For instance, a Swedish Massage or Esalen Massage session can be highly sensual, but usually it’s not at all sexual.

The meaning of eroticism however is less ambiguous, being defined as: “The quality or character of being erotic, that is, relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.”

Nevertheless, when it comes to massage, the adjective forms of sensuality and eroticism, that is, sensual and erotic are often used interchangeably. One would see labels like Erotic Massage, Sensual Massage, Sensual Erotic Massage, or Erotic Sensual Massage.

One would sometimes also see sensual erotic massages labeled as Sexual Massage. Whatever the case, in practice, when the words sensual, sexual or erotic are used in relation to massage, individually or in combinations, they all point to the same thing: it’s about sensual well-being and pleasure connected to sexual arousal and excitement.

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