Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Taiwan

Published | Updated February 11, 2019

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Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Taiwan
The island of Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China (ROC) and is a state in East Asia. Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa. The country has a population of about 23 million souls.

The capital city is Taipei City, better known as Taipei, and is home to approximately 3 million people, while the greater metropolitan area has a population of around 7 million people.

In this article we list the Traditional Thai Massage schools and training centers we've found in Taiwan. The majority of schools are to be found in Taipei.

Pure Yoga
Pure Yoga is a Yoga education provider, but now and again runs Thai Yoga Massage workshops and retreats. The [More info...]

Rick Thaimassage
Rick Thaimassage is operated by Yih Jiun Lin (Rick) and located in Taipei. The center is affiliated to the Yo [More info...]

Taiwan Puna
The school is affiliated to TMC (Chiang Mai) and located in the capital city Taipei (Taiwan). Courses offered [More info...]

The Ancient Thai Massage Studio Taiwan
The Ancient Thai Massage Studio is operated by Kang Chi Liu and located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Affiliated t [More info...]

The Moon Den
Tara Ann Lee (Anny) is the founder of the Moon Den. Since 1999, she has been working as a somatic psycho-spir [More info...]

TMC School Taiwan
The TMC School Taiwan offers Thai Massage, Thai Foot massage and Thai Table Massage courses and is located in [More info...]

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