Thai Massage Courses and Training in Singapore

Published | Updated August 6, 2019

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Thai Massage Courses and Training in Singapore
In Singapore, you'll find just a handful of Thai Massage training courses. Full-fledged, pure Thai Massage training schools are basically absent in Singapore, but that's not a surprise taking into consideration that Thailand is very close, cheap to go to, and moreover, low cost for those from Singapore.

Apart from low study and travel costs, naturally, because of the proximity of Thailand, it makes more sense that students from Singapore would visit Thailand to study Thai Massage. Firstly because of the enormous amount of variety in Thai Bodywork training offered there and secondly because of the easy opportunity to study in the country where Thai Massage was born.

Another aspect is the fact that most of the population of Singapore is from Chinese origins, and here also, it seems perhaps rather logical that there's more focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training and treatments.

Whatever the case, we do find some Thai Massage courses in Singapore, yet, mostly provided by all-round Spa or Massage training centers. In this article we'll give you the list of schools and centers we've found.

Global International Beauty Cosmetology
Global International Beauty Cosmetology operates in Singapore and in the UK and offers both treatment services and training courses for the [More info...]

Marpic is a Fitness and Wellness center operating in Singapore and offers treatment and courses in Personal Training, Thai Massage, Yoga, Nu [More info...]

Pure Yoga
Pure Yoga is a Yoga education provider, but now and again runs Thai Yoga Massage workshops and retreats. The Pure Group was founded in 2002 [More info...]

Singapore Spa Institute
The Singapore Spa Institute offers a broad range of Spa and Wellness courses and training in Asian and Western style bodywork. Specialized i [More info...]

SOHA Institute
The SOHA Institute, School of the Healing Arts was previously known as TCM Professional Centre. The Institute houses two departments – Dep [More info...]

Spatec Academy
Spatec Academy is an aesthetic, beauty and spa training & education institute in Singapore, established in February 2002. [More info...]

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