Thai Massage Retreats, Courses and Workshops on Bali

Published | Updated September 1, 2019

Thai Massage Retreats, Courses and Workshops on Bali
Bali is an island and province of Indonesia, neighboring the islands Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali has about 4 million inhabitants. Almost 85% of Bali's population follows the Hindu religion.

Since the '80s of the former century, Bali has become a very popular tourist destination, and today, tourism makes up 80% of its economy. The island is renowned for its arts, including traditional and modern dance, bodywork, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music.

Additionally, the island has progressively made a name as being a cultural hot-spot in Asia and also a center of Yoga, complementary and alternative healing arts treatments, retreats and training.

In this post we list the schools, centers and trainers that offer Thai traditional massage and other Thai bodywork courses and workshops.

Bali International Spa Academy
The Bali International Spa Academy (BISA) in Indonesia offers a broad variety of international professional spa massage, bodywork and aesthetics [More details...]

Bali Saraswati Spa Academy
Bali Saraswati Spa Academy (BSSA) is a Spa vocational training institution with the aim of training Spa Therapists. [More details...]
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Barbra Noh Yoga
Barbra Noh, based in Munich (Germany), offers Yoga and ThaiVedic training and courses. She’s a co-founder of ThaiVedic Yoga together with S [More details...]

Calmalenta is founded and run by Alejandro Benavides. He offers a variety of bodywork treatments, yoga classes and also Thai Massages classes and [More details...]

Dragonfly Village
Arno L’Hermitte, a Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher, is one of the founders of Osteothai, an integration of Osteopathy and Thai massa [More details...]

Eva Sion & her team offer Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage training and events in a variety of places around the world. [More details...]

Jamu Spa School
The Jamu Spa School offers education in professional spa and massage training. Offers Indonesian, Western Spa style and Thai Massage training, am [More details...]
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Kimmana Nichols
Kimmana Nichols is a health advisor and educator. He mostly works in Thailand and Indonesia. As for Thai Massage he practices ThaiVedic Yoga, a s [More details...]

Livin’ Inspired
Livin’ Inspired is founded by Carlos Romero. Carlos practices and teaches Yoga, Acro Yoga and Thai Massage. [More details...]

Menari-nari Spa and School
Menari-nari Spa and School is located in Ubud, Bali. The Menari-nari Spa provides Traditional Spa Treatments and the Menari-nari Spa School offer [More details...]

Osteothai is the integration of Osteopathy into Thai massage. The Osteothai website is a placeholder for the work of David Lutt and Arno L’Herm [More details...]

Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio
Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio is located in Ubud, Bali and was founded in 2012. The place is committed to yoga, healing, and community and offers a [More details...]

Ratu Maharani Spa School
Ratu Maharani Spa School in Ubud, Bali, offers a variety of training courses for the health, beauty and wellness industry. Programs include theor [More details...]

Reeva Spa School
The Reeva Spa School in Bali is a full-service spa massage treatment and learning center offering a wealth of bodywork course modalities, includi [More details...]
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School of Healing Arts (SOHA)
The School of Healing Arts SOHA on Bali is run by Daniela. Daniela is a Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai massage teacher. Together with Carlos Romero she [More details...]
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ThaiVedic Yoga
ThaiVedic is founded and run by Kimmana Nichols, Sebastian Bruno, and Barbra Noh. Thaivedic Yoga offers a system of holistic healing which combin [More details...]
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The Yoga Barn
The Yoga Barn is located in Ubud on Bali. The place is a full service yoga studio and holistic healing retreat center launched in 2007. Offers a [More details...]
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Zenthai Shiatsu
Gwyn is the founder of Zenthai Shiatsu. Retreats are organized on Bali (Indonesia) and at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia). [More details...]

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