How to Wear the Yoni Egg? | Jade Egg

Published: Sep 30, 2021
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How to Wear the Yoni Egg? | Jade Egg

The Yoni Egg can be worn only for a limited time, used to do certain training, exercises and practices, or simply to benefit of the crystal’s healing properties, but there are also women who carry the egg the whole day long or overnight.

Depending on your preference, you can use either a drilled or undrilled Yoni Egg. Always make sure the egg is properly clean (physically, but also energetically, if you feel like the latter is important to you) before inserting it.

Some women also perform certain rituals before using the egg and/or charge the egg energetically, in order to enhance the egg’s properties, and to spiritually bond and connect with the egg and make intentions mentally clear.

If you use a drilled egg, don’t forget to string the egg before you start wearing it to be able to remove it easily after you’re done. You can use unwaxed, unflavored dental floss to string the egg, and make sure the string is long enough (commonly, the length of the distance between your shoulder and hand).

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Typically, you would push the two ends of the string through one hole of the egg, pull them out at the other end of the drilled canal (the other hole), and push them through the loop of the string. Like this you don’t need to make a knot. If you’re into Vaginal Weightlifting, well, you can add a weight to the end of the string that stays outside the vagina.

There’s no fixed procedure to insert the egg. It can be inserted with the tip of the egg pointing down (which most women do) or the other way around. In fact, it’s just like inserting a tampon without the use of an applicator.

You don’t need to push the egg all the way up to your cervix; push the egg a bit inside and subsequently let your muscles do the work to pull the egg in. The best body position to easily insert a Yoni Egg is squatting or lying down with the knees up.

Mind also that a Yoni Egg can’t get stuck or lost (although it can sometimes be a bit difficult to take it out because it’s slippery); the egg cannot go farther than the cervix (the door to the uterus) and will always stay in the vaginal canal.

It can help to make egg insertion easier if your body and/or the vaginal region are warmed-up before use (some Yoni Egg trainers even say that it’s essential to prepare your body first). You can massage your vagina or clitoris, rub the egg around the vaginal opening, give yourself a Taoist Breast Massage, or do whatever you feel that stimulates your blood circulation and your mood.

You can additionally always use a lubricant as an extra aid, which may also be a natural, organic lubricant, such as extra virgin coconut oil.

When removing the Yoni Egg, try to push it out with your vaginal muscles (you may squat to make it easier), while gently pulling the string to let it glide out. Never pull roughly; you don’t want to hurt your insides. If you don’t use a string you can also use your fingers to scoop the egg out.

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