What Is Masturbation Coaching? | Goals, Techniques, and Benefits

Published: Feb 19, 2023 | Revised: Jan 19, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

What Is Masturbation Coaching? | Goals, Techniques, and Benefits

Masturbation coaching (or Masturbation training) — and in a more narrow sense also synonymized with Orgasm training or Orgasm masterclass — is typically about learning to masturbate in different, new ways, trying to overcome repetitive and limiting habits in one’s masturbation practices.

Masturbation training and education is available for both men and women, and primarily aims at masturbating more consciously and attentively with more joy and pleasure, cultivating self-love, learning new erotic techniques and achieving new kinds of orgasms, using porn, memory and fantasy in more fruitful ways, while fully accepting one’s own body and emotions without rush and without feelings of shame or guilt.

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Masturbation coaching can also be of therapeutic quality, rather being focused on overcoming emotional and/or sexual trauma, improving self-esteem and general well-being, and promoting sexual health.

Masturbation training courses, workshops, and classes may be offered with an aim to enhance the solo masturbation practice, but they can also involve tools, techniques, and practices for mutual masturbation or group masturbation.

Usually, one will learn a number of different things to enhance one’s masturbation practice, such as specific Breathwork, working with sound and movement, mindfulness and awareness techniques, sensual touch and intention, special masturbation techniques and self-touch exercises, the use of sex toys, and more.

Additionally, Masturbation coaching may be based on specific concepts or philosophies, such as those common in Tantric Sex, Taoist Sexual Practices, and/or in Reichian Therapy, among others.

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