Thai Traditional Medicine Clinics and Hospitals in Thailand

Published | Updated September 28, 2019

Thai Traditional Medicine Clinics and Hospitals in Thailand
The revival of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) in Thailand started around 1978 after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged member countries to include and apply traditional medicine and medicinal plants in their Primary Health Care (PHC) programs.

The Thai Ministry of Public Health reacted by defining a policy to promote the use of medicinal plants in their PHC. Since then, government policy on the promotion of the use of medicinal plants and other branches of Thai Traditional Medicine in the country’s health care system has continued until today.

The above is reflected in the existence of various governmental bodies in Thailand that occupy themselves with regulation, promotion, research and education of TTM. Examples hereof are the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine (ITTM), the Department for the Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM), and the Division of Alternative Medicine.

Additionally, you will find Thai Traditional Medicine clinics and departments attached to and working together with/within regular already existing Thai hospitals and research universities, and also individual private TTM clinics licensed and recognized by the Thai government and the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

These kinds of TTM facilities differ from Thai Massage parlors, salons, spas, and the like, in that sense that they will all have official Thai Traditional Medicine doctors, Thai Traditional Medicine assistants and other TTM specialists attached to them who have had extensive vocational and/or college education and training. The TTM treatments offered follow official governmental TTM curricula and protocols.

Depending on the specialization of the treatment center you will find clinics and hospitals being active in one or more of the branches of TTM – Thai Medicine Practice & Diagnosis, Thai Pharmacology, Thai Midwifery, and/or Thai Massage.

The recent legalization in Thailand of use of cannabis as medicines adds an interesting new aspect to TTM treatment services in the country. Currently there are ninety-six known formulas of Thai traditional medicines that contain cannabis, but further research needs to be done before all becoming approved and officially allowed.

In this article we list a selection of TTM clinics and hospital departments we’ve spotted across the country. Mind that the number of TTM treatment facilities is actually much larger than mentioned here below.

Ayurved Clinic
The Ayurved Clinic is part of Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (Mahidol University). The clinic provides Thai Tra [More info...]

Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital
The Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is located in the Mueang Prachinburi District in Prachinburi, Thailand, and is affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine of the Burapha [More info...]

Chiang Mai University – Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine of the Chiang Mai University (CMU) has attached to it a Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TTCM). Its main tasks are research [More info...]

Doctor Napa Traditional Thai Medicine
The school offers Thai Pharmacy 2 years, Thai medicine 3 years and a Thai Midwifery program of 1 year. Doctor Napa also offers various Traditional Thai Medicine treatment [More info...]

Mornoi Clinic
The MorNoi Clinic is a Holistic Thai Medicine Clinic in Chiang Mai. The clinic is led by Dr. Amporn Srakrupan (Noi). Noi is a licensed Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor. S [More info...]

Rajamangala University Thanyaburi
The University has a Thai Traditional Medicine College with a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Program (B.ATM.) including Thai Massage. Short courses [More info...]

Sirindhorn College of Public Health
The Sirindhorn College of Public Health in Chonburi offers a college program of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine. The college has a Thai Traditional medicine clinic atta [More info...]

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital
The Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital is part of Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (Mahidol University). The hospi [More info...]

Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital
The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, has been the leading Thai Medicine and Thai Massage treatment and training institute in the North of Thailand from the 60’s up to [More info...]

Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation
The Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation offers Thai Traditional Medicine, Thai Pharmacy (2 years course) and Thai Massage courses (150, 372 and 800 hours cou [More info...]

Vichaiyut Hospital
The Vichaiyut Hospital in Bangkok offers a wide range of medical services such as emergency services, child care, orthopedics, neurology, acupuncture, cardiology, dermato [More info...]

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School
The Watpo Thai Massage School in Bangkok, the name also spelled as Wat Pho or Wat Po, is without any doubt the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine institute in the worl [More info...]

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