Thai Massage Training Courses and Schools in Texas

Published | Updated February 11, 2019

Thai Massage Training Courses and Schools in Texas
Texas brings about a variety of associations crossing my mind---Oil fields, cattle farms, deserts, the Texas Rangers, former president Bush, the soap opera 'Dallas' in the 80's starring JR Ewing and Sue Ellen, and last but not least... the famous phrase from the Apollo 13 moon flight: "...Houston, we've had a problem here."

Of course, Texas has a lot more to offer than that, like for instance Traditional Thai Massage courses and workshops. In this post an overview of the Thai Massage training courses and schools we've found in the state of Texas, USA.

Asia-Pacific Massage Institute
The Asia-Pacific Massage Institute is a school of Natural Therapies and an accredited educational facility that offers a 500-hour Licensed Massage Therapy program and additional c [More info...]

Avalon School of Massage
The Avalon School of Massage is a Houston Massage Therapy School. Offers a basic (500 hours) and advanced massage program (750 hours) of which 30 hours are dedicated to Thai Massag [More info...]

Dallas Thai Massage
Dallas Thai Massage located in Dallas (Texas) offers treatments and courses in Thai Massage. Additionally, the spa offers Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal massage, Lomi Lom [More info...]

Hands of Peace Massage
Hands of Peace Massage is a bodywork massage service and training provider located in Fort Worth, Texas. The place is run by La Gina Kissentaner. [More info...]

Harmony Thai Massage
Harmony Thai Massage in Houston Texas offers a range of treatments and courses like Thai Massage, Reflexology, Energy Work, Trigger Point Therapy, Carnio Sacral Therapy, lymphatic [More info...]

iThaiMassage is run by James Peckham, a Thai Massage instructor and therapist based in San Antonio, Texas. In his teachings he follows Pichest Boonthumme’s lineage. He also o [More info...]

Massage Around The World
Massage Around The World is run by César Tejedor. Most of the courses are online, but certain training, notably spa management, can be given onsite also. [More info...]

Meera Hoffman
Meera Hoffman offers treatments and workshops of Thai Massage, Chair and Table massage, Aromatherapy, Yoga, meditation, and more. [More info...]

Robert Gardner Wellness
Robert Gardner is a Thai massage instructor, therapist and yoga teacher based in Austin, Texas. Additionally, runs a web store with study material. Online classes via Skype or Goog [More info...]

Thai Love Yoga
Thai Love Yoga is based in Dallas (Texas) and run by David and Misty. They offer so-called Vedic Thai Yoga Massage courses and are affiliated to the Vedic Conservatory. [More info...]

The Nuat Thai Massage Center
The Nuat Thai Massage Center is founded by Souri Sisavath, a native of Laos. She’s a ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage teacher. [More info...]

Unknot Thai Spa
UNKNOT in El Paso (Texas) was founded by Ketsarin Hansen and is a therapeutic Thai massage spa that focuses on healing, beautification, and wellness. [More info...]

Vedic Conservatory
The Vedic Conservatory is an association founded by Michael Buck (Mukti), teaches Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and is dedicated to promoting Vedic and Thai physical and spiritual heali [More info...]

Yoga Mix Studio
Yoga Mix Studio is founded and run by Charlene Fox. She offers Swedish massage, Reiki/Healing Touch, Raindrop Essential Oil and Thai Massage treatments. Additionally, she gives Tha [More info...]

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