Tantric Sex Positions and Poses Explained

Published: Aug 13, 2022 | Revised: Jan 10, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Tantric Sex Positions and Poses Explained

Of course, there are many positions that partners can try when having Tantric Sex. Perhaps only one’s imagination, preference, and physical ability is the limit here, and surely it doesn’t need to be “Tantric” per se. Mind also that sex positions are not only for couples; some can be carried out alone, for instance, within masturbation practices.

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Perhaps the specific “Tantric” part of sex positions is the way and intention they’re performed. That is, for instance, engaging in positions and poses while simultaneously doing synchronized breathing exercises, energy work, meditation exercises, or Chakra work, and so on. Conscious, deliberate, exploratory, and mindful touch is another aspect of the “Tantric way.”

Nevertheless, there are certain sex positions and poses that are particularly associated with Tantric Sex, such as those that are described in the well-known and popular Kama Sutra, although in reality — the Kama Sutra in itself is not of Tantric origin.

Then in India, in a variety of Hindu temples, you can encounter sculptures that show people engaged in sex positions — sometimes depicting extraordinarily difficult poses — in fact symbolizing the blissful union of masculine and feminine forces in the Universe, the well-known Shiva-Shakti union.

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In any case, a position that’s always talked about is the famous Yab-Yum position, a pose where one partner sits with their legs crossed (typically the man, in the case of a male-female couple) on a bed, couch, or on the floor, and the other partner (the woman) sits on the partner’s lap (both facing each other), wrapping the legs around the waist of her lover.

Spooning is another popular technique, which involves lying down with your partner facing the same direction with your bodies entirely touching each other, optionally with the Lingam placed inside the Yoni, while, for instance, performing synchronized Tantric Breathwork.

Well, there are of course many other positions, such as those where the woman sits on top of the lying man, or vice versa, many positions that face each other, or one partner standing behind the other, and so on. As said already in the beginning of this article: in Tantric Sex it’s not so much about mastering very specific positions, but rather about the approach and intention in which lovemaking is carried out.

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