Penis Weightlifting, Manhood, and Male Enhancement

Published: Jan 27, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Penis Weightlifting, Manhood, and Male Enhancement

Penis Weightlifting is a Male Enhancement practice that involves using weights that are hung onto the penis in order to increase the penis size.

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The idea is that by progressively hanging heavier weights onto the penis, cell tissue of the penis shaft will extend structurally, which will finally elongate the penis.

Some ways to use weights are weighted constriction rings — so-called cock rings — that one can wear at the end of the penis shaft, just before the crown i.e. head of the penis (the glans or glans penis). Another option is using weighted balls or plates that hang from the end of the shaft with a strap.

Mind that there’s no scientific research supporting the efficacy of this method of manual penis enlargement.

By contrast, there are some risks involved with this practice, such as tearing of the skin, nerve damage, bruising, blood clots, loss of sensation, pain, bleeding, and penile fracture, among others.

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