Naruncha Beauty & Massage | Review

Published: Apr 15, 2019
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Naruncha Beauty & Massage | Review

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Naruncha is a Thai Massage School & Spa connected to a guesthouse – called Naruncha Green House – and located in Chiang Mai.

The school basically offers Traditional Thai Massage courses only, but in a variety of durations. There are the short term courses starting from 1/2 day (4 hrs) up to 3 days, perfect for those who want to experience and know a little bit more about Thai Massage but don’t have much time.

Besides that, Naruncha also offers more in-depth Certified Massage Courses with longer durations, courses that follow the official Thai Ministry of Public Health curriculum, such as the Thai Massage trainings of 60 hrs, 150 hours and 372 hours. All of the Thai Massage training courses provided are certified by the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.

As for spa services, there is a vast range of options to choose from, starting with Traditional Thai Massage modalities to more wellness and beauty oriented modalities, such as facial treatments and body scrubs.

Being also a guesthouse, it’s very practical for students who want to take longer courses. The school also sells some Aromatherapy and Massage products.

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