Distance and Online Thai Massage Training Courses in the USA

Published: Feb 22, 2019 | Revised: Nov 16, 2021
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Distance and Online Thai Massage Training Courses in the USA

In the past ten to fifteen years or so, Thai Massage Distance and Online Learning has conquered its place among other learning methods, that is, as an alternative to live training.

In an era where we have become very busy bees, home study has increasingly emerged as an interesting time-efficient option. Moreover, a number of distance and online trainings nowadays are accredited for Continuing Education Units (CE Units), making them even more valuable for practitioners and therapists.

On top of CE-value, home study is generally cheaper than live-training and it gives us the option to “taste” and get acquainted with many different kind of massage and bodywork subjects (sometimes only available outside the USA), not only Thai Massage.

Personally, I’m not the biggest admirer of Online or Distance Thai Massage training courses. It’s perhaps because I’m simply just “old style,” but I still believe in the “real see, touch and feel” method when it comes to becoming a skilled Thai Massage therapist (or any other bodywork therapist, for that matter).

However, there are a few circumstances where non-live training can come handy. As already mentioned, it can supply us CE Units in a rather convenient, comfortable, time and cost effective manner. Then, secondly, as for the theoretical parts of Thai Massage or Thai Traditional Medicine, surely we can learn online or over distance learning (books, DVD’s, streaming video, and the like). And thirdly, if one’s an experienced Thai Massage therapist already, online or distance learning can be extremely valuable to learn more (as one can correctly interpret what one sees or what is talked about).

Having said that, and this is my personal opinion, I feel that Online Thai Massage training for beginners, that is, for those who actually want to start practitioning, is not advisable. There’s really the fact of “the feel and touch” that’s missing, something very crucial in the early stages of acquiring Thai Massage proficiency, and a thing one can only learn by actual live practice with an instructor and/or other students.

But okay, let’s take a look below at some of the options for Thai Massage online and distance learning in the USA.

Bodhi Sangha

Bodhi Sangha in Florida is founded and run by Ariela Grodner. Apart from Thai healing training class offerings, Ariela also runs an online shop with educational training books about Thai Massage and DVDs. Bodhi Sangha is a NCBTMB approved CE provider.

Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies

The Institute based in New York was founded to provide lifelong learning resources for healthcare professionals and offers a variety of home study continuing education courses for massage therapy professionals. NCBTMB, AMTA and ABMP associated.

Institute of Somatic Therapy

The Institute of Somatic Therapy offers online home study continuing education courses approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). As for Thai Massage, a Thai on the Table course is offered.

Karuna Thai Body Work

Karuna Thai Body Work offers Traditional Thai Massage and Tok Sen training courses in Del Mar (CA). Additionally, Karuna sells Thai Massage workbooks and DVDs. Approved CE provider with NCBTMB.

Living Metta

Living Metta is operated by Heath and Nicole. The place is specialized in Thai Massage education and offers both live classes and online training options. NCBTMB approved.

Massage Around The World

Most of the courses of Massage Around The World are online, but certain training, notably spa management, can be given onsite also. Approved CE provider with NCBTMB.

MedBridge Massage

MedBridge Massage in Seattle works with a broad range of teachers and therapists and offers Online Continuing Education Unit courses for a variety of bodywork and massage modalities.

Nirvanaland Essentials

Vanessa Hazzard is an author, educator, and massage therapist. She’s specialized in Prenatal Thai Massage. She offers educational Thai Massage videos. NCBTMB approved CE provider.

Quick Self Fixes

Dr. Clay offers a variety of bodywork and massage workshops and trainings and CE courses, including Thai Massage. Thai Massage study books for sale. NCBTMB provider.

Robert Gardner Wellness

Robert Gardner is a Thai massage instructor, therapist and yoga teacher based in Austin, Texas. Additionally, Robert runs a web store with study material. Online classes via Skype or Google Hangout possible.

SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine

The college offers degrees in Natural Medicine and is part of an ensemble of organizations, institutes and websites created and maintained by Dr. Anthony James. Books and DVD study material and online courses available.

Soul Gate Healing

Soul Gate Healing is run by Osnat (Osi) Livni. Osi studied Oriental Medicine, Acupressure and Chi-Nei-Tsang and offers treatments and training courses. Offers Chi Nei Tsang study DVDs. NCBTMB.

Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage

Spirit Winds in Nevada City is founded and run by Janice Gagnon. Janice offers a variety of Thai Massage trainings, both in-class and online. NCBTMB approved CE provider.

Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage

The Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston is founded by Chuck Duff. Chuck runs in-house developed certification programs. Also offers online courses. NCBTMB approved CE provider.

Thai Massage Seminars

This Training center is lead by Monique Ortega, the founder and main instructor. The school offers live classes and workshops, continuing education programs, and online training modules.

Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage Training is run by Kristine Traucht. Kristine teaches both live and online Thai Massage training classes. NCBTMB approved CE provider.

Thai Yoga Trainings

Thai Yoga Trainings is founded and run by Michael Sitzer. Michael offers live and online Thai Massage certification programs. NCBTMB approved CE provider.

The Ki-Atsu Institute for Vedic Sciences

The Ki-Atsu Institute specializes in the Teaching, Practice, and Application of Ayurvedic and Holistic Healing Arts, including offerings of Traditional Thai Massage training. Offers online courses.

The Naga Center

The Naga Center is based in Oregon, Portland. The school teaches Traditional Thai Medicine, Herbalism and Thai Massage. Offers a Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers Online Course. NCBTMB provider.

The Thai Yoga Center

The Thai Yoga Center is part of an ensemble of organizations, institutes and websites created and maintained by Dr. Anthony James operating under several names and brands. Books and DVD study material and online Thai Yoga Massage courses available.

Therapeutic Massage of Thailand

Therapeutic Massage of Thailand from Betse Bernstein is an ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage instructor. Betse offers treatments and Thai Massage home study with DVDs.

Vedic Conservatory

The Vedic Conservatory is an association founded by Michael Buck (Mukti). Michael teaches Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and is dedicated to promoting Vedic and Thai physical and spiritual healing arts. Offers DVD study programs. NCBTMB CE provider.

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