CLS Massage School in Chiang Mai | Review

Published: Nov 27, 2018
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CLS Massage School in Chiang Mai | Review

Note: this Thai Massage school isn’t active any longer.

The CLS Massage School is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with on-campus residential accommodation. The Thai Massage school offers a variety of Thai Healing Arts courses and Spa massage courses, targeted to beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

The study time of courses and packages range from 4 days to 51 days, from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone. The school divides between Single Courses and so-called Training Courses. Let’s take a look at what is offered:

Single Courses

– Traditional Thai Massage (70 hours, 9 days)
– Advanced Thai Massage (50 hours, 6 days)
– Foot Reflexology (30 hours, 4 days)
– Rusie Dutton & Thai Buddhist Meditation (40 hours, 5 days)
– Tok Sen (40 hours, 5 days)
– Jap Sen (40 hours, 5 days)
– Thai Head Massage & Herbal Massages (40 hours, 6 days)
– Relieving 10 Symptoms Therapy Course (120 hours, 16 days)
– Teacher Training Course (40 hours, 5 days)

Plus, Spa oriented classes such as Lymph & Facial Massage and Oil & Scrub Massage are available.

Training Courses

In addition, the school runs packaged professional Training Courses:

– Thai Massage Therapy Training Course (190 hrs, 24 days)
This training is for those interested in embarking from scratch on a new professional career and become a Massage Therapist. This course is in fact a combination of 4 single courses of your choice, for example, Traditional Thai Massage + Foot Reflexology + Advanced Thai Massage + Rusie Dutton & Thai Meditation. The huge advantage of taking this course is that it’s considerably cheaper than taking the 4 courses separately. All courses offer, upon completion and passing of the final test, a Thai Ministry of Education certificate.

– Professional Course (28/29 days)
To further broaden your skills the Professional Course package includes 3 courses: Tok-Sen, Jap-Sen and the Relieving 10 Symptoms Therapy course.

– Teachers Training Package (50/51 days)
The Teachers Training Package includes 6 courses: Traditional Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Advanced Thai Massage, Rucie Dutton and Thai Buddhist Meditation, Relieving 10 symptoms, and Teachers Training.

And more…

One of the things that stands out about CLS Massage School is that the course fee is all-inclusive – meaning, it covers not only the course, but also Eco-friendly (Ayutthaya style) teak wood accommodation in a tranquil environment, breakfast and lunch for the course days, as well as textbooks, teaching materials, the certificate, airport (or downtown) pick-up, drinking water, as well as a Japanese or English interpreter for foreign students.

It surely makes for a super practical stay in Thailand, where you don’t need to worry much about anything else and can focus totally on the training course(s) you take. For an extra fee the school also offer “Immersive Holidays” experiences, for those interested in getting to know more about Thailand and its rich cultural life.

Recently the school’s website has been revamped significantly, supporting CLS’s new emphasis on positioning itself as not only a Thai Spa training center, but as a specialist in Thai Massage Therapy training as well.

The school is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. You can book your course(s) directly on their website, where you will be able to see the dates available for each course and choose. The school also has a small shop in which they sell Thai Herbal Compress balls and Thai Massage portable mats.

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