Blue Garden Yoga and Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

Published: Dec 2, 2018
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Blue Garden Yoga and Thai Massage in Chiang Mai | Review

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The Blue Garden is a Yoga and Thai Massage training center located in Chiang Mai’s old city center. By the way, as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic the school has also created online training courses apart from their regular live in-class trainings.

The training school was founded more than ten years ago by Bow and Remco, both having extensive traditional bodywork and yoga training experience. Using their diverse backgrounds and experience, they focus on teaching a unique style of Thai Massage that goes beyond just the standard sequences going deeper into fluidity, creativity and connection with the client.

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The training school offers quite some options of Thai Massage courses, from Foundation Thai Massage (25 hours – or the Intensive 1 month option, which is 100 hours) to Advanced Thai Massage (25 hours), as well as shorter and more specific courses such as Advanced side position (16 hours) and Neck therapy (10 hours).

Additionally, Blue Garden also offers the Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage Course, a modality that adds rocking and dynamic, continuous movements into a Thai massage session.

Another modality which is a specialty of the school is Thai Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang). The Chi Nei Tsang training courses range from beginner to advanced. A thing worth mentioning is that all courses from Blue Garden can be given as private training also and tailored to your needs.

The center also provides for daily Yoga classes, and here also, private Yoga classes are an option. Furthermore, there are options available for Detox programs and treatments/therapy sessions, Chi Nei Tsang treatments, Dynamic Thai Massage, as well as Body Awareness Sessions and Active Yoga massages.

To schedule your training course or treatment you can check out their website and contact the school. Some courses have a set date already, others take place only upon request.

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