Waulai Thaimassage | Review

Published | Updated April 23, 2019

Waulai Thaimassage | Review
Waulai Thaimassage in Chiang Mai, founded and run by Ajarn Somphong Prapharat, offers both treatments and training courses and is specialized in Herbal Ball Compress Massage training, yet also offers a range of other Thai Healing Arts and Lanna Healing trainings.

Arrow ImageThai Massage (3 days)
Arrow ImageThai Foot Massage (2 days)
Arrow ImageThai Massage & Thai Foot Massage (5 days)
Arrow ImageStretching Massage (2 days)
Arrow ImageThai Oil Massage (3 or 5 days)
Arrow ImageReusi Dat Ton (3 hours)
Arrow ImageForn-Cherng (Chiang Mai Lanna Exercise, 3 hours)
Arrow ImageTok Sen (3 days)
Arrow ImageThai Pa Kao Mah (Thai Scarf or Loin Cloth Stretching & Massage, 1 day)

Courses at Waulai Thaimassage start with minimum 2 students and classes run from 09.00 AM. – 04.00 PM. The first class day will include the preparation of flowers, candles and fruits.

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