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Published | Updated January 27, 2020
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TTC Spa School in Chiang Mai
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The TTC Spa School is a well known Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai, located about 5 km outside the Old City. Additionally, the school has branches in Bangkok and Koh Chang.

The training courses offered range from Spa & Wellness modalities to excellent Thai Therapist courses, with different durations giving plenty of options for beginners and advanced students. We list them below:

▶ Therapist Training Course 24 Days / 180 Hours
▶ Body Treatment Course 24 Days / 180 Hours
▶ Thai Traditional Massage Course 24 Days / 180 Hours
▶ Thai Traditional Massage Course And Herbal Compress / 67,5 Hours
▶ Thai Traditional Massage Advanced Course / 67,5 Hours
▶ Deep Lymph Drainage Massage Course With Oil / 30 Hours
▶ Oil Massage Course & Body Scrub / 45 Hours
▶ Oil Massage Level 2 (Advanced) Course / 45 Hours
▶ Tok Sen Massage / 30 Hours
▶ Foot Reflexology Massage Course / 22,5 Hours
▶ Facial Massage Training Course / 15 Hours
▶ Thai Therapist 290 Hours / 36 Days
▶ Thai Therapist 400 Hours / 2 Months

The school offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget, but also provides a free pick-up service (up to 7 km) for students who choose to stay in another hotel/guesthouse. TTC receives many foreign students, and also has a website in Japanese.

Class hours are Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 12.00 am and 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

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