The Morning After Thai Massage

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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The Morning After

There are in fact three points in time after having received a Thai Massage session: the moment after, the morning after and the many after.

First of all we have the immediate response—the moment after. Then the three, four days following the massage session, which I call the morning after, and finally the long term effects when receiving regular sessions— the many after.

The immediate response, the moment after, is often somewhat like being fully energized, feeling light, refreshed or—feeling relaxed, released, relieved, and sometimes very tired, just wanting to take a nap. And often, after a first time Thai Massage session also—amazement, bewilderment. But although these are all significant impressions, none predict too much about the days to come.

Generally spoken, the morning after, the receiver has had a very good night’s sleep. Seldom heard otherwise, but the opposite can be the case also. In the following days different things may happen: some can start to feel very tired or feel muscle soreness, like having done some sports, workout. Some get diarrhea or feel weak, say… detox issues, very tired. Some have headaches.

Some others immediately feel mentally more clear and the body feels in good shape. And some who suffered from severe physical problems experience significant relieve. But sometimes also it takes more than a week to get some kind of physical and mental balance anew.

The many after is quite a different subject. It’s the result of regularly receiving Thai Massage which opens up the possibility to be structurally relieved of physical, mental and emotional blockages and tensions. It’s physical and energetic work that can support the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes to start functioning more natural, more optimal.

In general, regular Thai Massage could make one effectively experience improved balance, vitality and resilience in everyday life.

The morning after is simply the morning after and shouldn’t be judged too strictly. Nevertheless, it can be the beginning of a whole new start—a new life. It was to me.

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