Thai Massage Treatment Session | Client Feedback and Testimonials

Published: Aug 27, 2012 | Revised: Mar 6, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Massage Treatment Testimonials

I’ve always had considerable doubts putting my clients’ feedback online. It’s because I basically think it’s too much of a brag — too often you’d only see a whole bunch of wonderful, exhilarating statements about the experience and effects of the treatment and about the “superstar” practitioner.

Sure, it does happen that people are impressed, genuinely grateful, and sometimes almost ecstatic. In fact, there wouldn’t be much of a point to go on giving Thai Massage if we wouldn’t see any satisfying results. That much is clear.

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But I think we should also show the other side of the coin. Which means that results are sometimes only achieved trough hard work, many sessions, pain, tears, and patience. It’s certainly not always a rose garden. Moreover, sometimes no results are achieved at all.

So finally I decided to just do it, to show the good and the bad, because I think it can give us an honest, straightforward and multifaceted impression of what it means or can mean to have a therapeutic Traditional Thai Massage session.

Anyway, what it means to get a massage from me. But even that is not really accurate. My work changes, my style changes. But then again, well, it gives an impression.

Thai Massage Testimonials and Feedback

In order to safeguard the privacy of my clients, I do not use my clients’ names. Each new quote below is feedback from another client.

“The first night after the session I did not go to the movie, I was too tired! So I went to bed at 11H00 and slept until 9H30. I had to wake up, but I could have slept more and I’ve slept so well. I have been a little tired the day after with a little headache in the afternoon, but I took an aspirin and it disappeared. I’ve slept last night very well too. Today I was not too much tired and I went to my Hatha Yoga course. I feel bloated! But I think it’s because I’m going to have my period, within 4 or 5 days. Do you think it could make it come quicker? My knee was a little bit sensitive, but only the morning after the massage. The shoulder is still sensitive, but only on very wild movements. I feel very relaxed and not so much tired!”

“I feel that the last session was somewhat stronger and specifically adapted to my case! Friday evening and Saturday, I was totally “knockout” … as if I had walked during all day! Really exhausted but relaxed. My sleep is much better (even if I suppose that it is also because I spent all week-end with … until today, and it also makes me comfortable!). I still have a lot of “noises” and pollution in my head, but it is also normal considering my situation!”

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“Actually, my body is still working. Like a boa, I need a lot of time to digest!!!!”

“Yesterday, the day after the massage, I’ve had a headache, the kind of pain I’ve had since the concussion. I needed to massage my skull all day long. But today I feel great, I’ve ran this morning, from my place to my brother’s office! One hour long. It was perfect with your massage, to de-stress!”

“Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t forget to mail you some feedback: my body is shouting so loud!! I’m happy you told me I would be quite sensitive, because I am. Physically and emotionally. My body is very reactive to your massage. I don’t think I can have this in the middle of the week.”

“Yesterday I felt incredible after a deep nights sleep! My best day since many weeks, with lots of energy ! And today I’m fine also.”

“I have left my computer off all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!!! And my back and shoulders are like new… I hope it will continue until next Friday!”

“After two days, I feel that my back is still working (on the shoulders)! But I feel less tired than the last time!”

“I’m fine and I had no pain in my legs and the shoulder is okay. On Sunday I had a headache, but now I’m fine.”

“Just to say everything is great! I had my period the day after (last night) and till now no pain! I was not tired at all, I slept well and the day after I ran all day!”

“Indeed, I have slept much better; first I fell asleep in my chair watching a DVD…and then, I have had the great courage to go directly in my bed without the computer! But (there is always a “but”…) a lot of bad dreams… my brain still awake… I can not succeed in all parts! However, my left leg is much better, so nothing really to complain about!”

“The session was nice, but the day after … awful! I was completely tired and with no energy! Sunday was better and today I am fine! My body thanks you, for all these new movements it has discovered!”

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“Thank you for your massage. Yet, the reaction is still very intense!!!”

“I was not so very tired the first night, but I had the idea of having gone through a washing machine. And I felt that my back was cracked intensely, but I felt I could move my back a lot better. Especially in the upper part. The night was very good. I didn’t wake up early, which is normally the case. On the other hand I felt some soreness on my knees the next day. My back was still very good and supple, but my knees where sensitive, almost painful the whole day. The second night I slept perfectly fine and the day after no more pains in the knees. I feel good. I feel flexible and in form, I’m ready for a next session…”

“I feel good, no headache, only my back is definitely still working…”

“I feel washed up the day after a warm sleep! Then I did some jogging in the afternoon with not very much strength. Two days after I felt better. Today, I am okay and take into consideration the advice you gave me about stretching etc… ”

“I feel like having done an amazingly tough workout!”

“The problem I had with my right shoulder-blade is gone. After more than seven years. It’s incredible. I think I’m gonna take Thai Massage courses myself. I didn’t feel tired at all. The pain in my shoulder was just gone the next day.”

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