Thai Massage Teaching Materials, Books and Tools

Published: Sep 28, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Massage Teaching Materials, Books and Tools

One of the most essential materials you will need as a teacher is Thai Massage mats or mattresses. Basically you will need one mat per student couple. As it is such an important aspect of giving Thai Massage and also for Thai Massage training courses, I’ve dedicated a separate post to the topic. Read more about it in Thai Massage Mats and Mattresses.

Other tools you will need are towels or small pillows, at least two towels or two pillows per mat. I always used large beach towels because you can fold them after your own manner so that they always fit well as a head support or as additional support for doing certain Thai Massage techniques.

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For your mattresses, depending on the type of mats or mattresses you use, you will need sheets (covers), and mind also that you will need those clean (which also counts for pillow covers or towels), perhaps not every day, but at least every other day or so.

You may want to use other tools, such as the Thai triangle pillows (for under the legs, for instance, when giving an abdominal massage) or small sticks (if you would give a Thai Foot Massage course), herbal balls, stretch bands or towels, and balms and creams or oils if you use those. Be careful with balms and oils and such as for allergic reactions of students.

You will also need to provide for sanitary facilities, notably to wash i.e. clean the feet and hands and such, and Alco-gel to disinfect surfaces. Don’t forget to supply water or tea and such to keep your students hydrated.

Of course, the students can bring their own stuff with them, like towels or disinfectant, repellents if necessary, and whatever they need.

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As for the theoretical part, you can create your own readers, books etc. or use (a combination of) existing Thai Massage books, but if you are an affiliated teacher, well, you will already have the study materials you need.

Personally, I used to send my students theoretical info about Thai Massage a week before the classes started in order for them to know what’s coming and prepare them a bit by giving them something to read ahead.

Of course, you’ll need a suitable teaching location, which goes perhaps without saying, but it’s certainly not always easy to find one. We’ve talked about all that already in our post Where to Teach Your Classes.

And a last, but not least important thing: have a little first-aid kit available for common injuries like scratches, bruises, and such, and make sure you have the address, directions and phone number of the nearest doctor, clinic or emergency room at hand.

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