Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Russia

Published | Updated September 20, 2019

Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Russia
Russia, officially the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world (as for geographical size) with a population of about 145 million people. It’s located partly in Europe and partly in Asia. The capital is Moscow. Other important cities are Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

After the fall of communism in the beginning of the 1990s and the following disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the country went through many reforms including privatization and market and trade liberalization. The results were devastating: a major economic crisis, lower industrial output, the collapse of social services, decrease of the birth rate and rise of the death rate, enormous poverty, corruption and lawlessness.

After 2000, Russia climbed out of the chaos and the situation of its people improved significantly. As from then we also see Russians citizens increasingly visiting other countries for holidays notably in Europe and in Asia, as well as in Thailand (with about 1.5 million visitors yearly in Thailand – statistics 2018).

The rise of Russian tourists in Thailand was very well noticeable. Especially after 2010, we see many restaurant menus, flyers, folders, and the like enriched with a translation in Russian, apart from English. Today, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket island are clearly the most important hubs for both Russian tourists and Russian expats.

Additionally, Traditional Thai Massage certainly didn’t go unnoticed. A number of Russians started studying Thai Massage in Thailand opening schools and training centers in Russia afterwards. Below we list a selection of Thai Massage schools and trainers we’ve found in the country.

Artem Korenev (Abinav)
Abinav is a certified instructor of traditional massage Nuad Bo-Rarn from the ITM Chiang Mai School in Thailand. He also offers treatments of Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai [More details...]

Cosmo Thai Yoga
Cosmo (Julian Cosmo Kemp) is a Yoga teacher and an ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage instructor. He offers Thai Massage courses in various countries around the globe. [More details...]

Elixir Center
The Elixir Center in Moscow, Russia, offers a variety of both Western and Oriental massage training courses, including Thai Massage. [More details...]
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Energetic Thai Yoga Massage
Prem Svaraj (Valery Guk) runs the Energetic Thai Yoga Massage school based in Moscow, but offers trainings in a variety of countries around the world. [More details...]

First Professional Institute of Aesthetics
The First Professional Institute of Aesthetics in Moscow offers a variety of trainings in Beauty, Cosmetology and Massage, including Thai Massage training. [More details...]
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Health Center Anatoly Kushnir
The Health Center from Anatoly Kushnir offers a variety of massage treatments and massage training courses including Thai Massage. Anatoly is a certified Thai Massage instructor fr [More details...]

Massage School of Dr. Voitenko
The Massage School of Dr. Voitenko offers a variety of massage and bodywork training programs, including Thai Massage. [More details...]

Metta School
Metta School is a TMC Chiang Mai associated Thai Massage school in Moscow running seminars and training for traditional Thai yoga massage in Russia and abroad. [More details...]
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Moscow Institute of Reconstructive Medicine
The Moscow Institute of Reconstructive Medicine (MIVM) is an educational institution providing advanced training services to medical staff, as well as the largest center for teachi [More details...]

Osho School
The Osho School in Moscow promotes the work of the late Guru Osho (Rajneesh, Bhagwan), but also offers Thai Vipassana and Thai Massage trainings. [More details...]

Professional Massage School SIAM
The Professional Massage School SIAM in Novosibirsk is an Ong’s Thai Massage school and ITM Ciang Mai associated Thai Massage school offering a wide range of Thai healing Art [More details...]

Sanook School of Thai Massage
The Sanook School of Thai Massage is located in Tyumen, Siberia, and offers a variety of Thai Massage training courses such as Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Thai Foot [More details...]

School of Massage Robert Ilinskas
Robert Ilinskas is a coach and instructor of Oriental Wellness Practices and Massages located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. [More details...]
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Tea Studio Heavenly Fox
Anastasia Kotlyarova is a TMC Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage teacher from Moscow. She runs Table Thai, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Massage training courses. [More details...]

Thai Massage Development School Krasnodar
The Thai Massage Development School Krasnodar in Russia offers a variety of Thai Massage training courses such as Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Oil Massage  [More details...]

Thai Massage School Ivan Smirnov
Ivan Smirnov is a certified Yoga, Yoga therapy, Thai massage and Thai acupressure instructor. Additionally, he’s a specialist in Ayurveda. The school is affiliated to TMC (Th [More details...]
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Thai Massage School of Yury Ulyanov
Yury Ulyanov runs a Thai Massage School based in Volgograd, Russia. The school is certified by Loi Kroh Chiang Mai Thai Massage (Thailand). [More details...]

Thai Way Luxury Wellness & Spa
Thai Way offers spa treatment services and has a Spa academy attached to it. The academy, which is an ITM affiliated Thai Massage educator, offers a variety of traditional Thai Mas [More details...]
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Vedic Conservatory
The Vedic Conservatory is an association founded by Michael Buck (Mukti), teaches Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and is dedicated to promoting Vedic and Thai physical and spiritual heali [More details...]

Yoga108 is a Yoga center in Moscow that also offers basic Thai Massage training workshops. Yoga108 is a TMC Affiliated Thai Massage training provider. [More details...]
Pasha Schneiderman is a certified ITM Chiang Mai Thai Massage instructor based in Moscow, Russia. [More details...]

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