Thai Massage Events and Training Course Calendars and Schedules in Thailand

Published | Updated February 22, 2020

Thai Massage Events and Training Course Calendars and Schedules in Thailand
Not surprisingly, Thai Massage training is big, very big in Thailand and the number of events and training course offerings across the country is simply dazzling.

Many Thai Massage schools and trainers offer training on an ongoing basis and you can usually enroll for a new Thai Massage course every week of the year—at some schools even every day. Nevertheless, there are a number of schools that publish their course calendars on their websites with the schedule for the upcoming period, often a year ahead or for the high-season (November – April).

This is not a luxury because the variations in training offerings have grown steadily in past years with lots of specialty, hybrid and occasional trainings, which, for an important part, are also presented by guest teachers from abroad. Moreover, schools usually offer more than “just” Thai Massage training, like for instance, Thai Foot Massage, Abdominal Massage, teacher trainings, Tok Sen, stretching courses, Postpartum care trainings, and Herbal Compress Massage, well, you name it. Adds to it that “specialty” trainings are usually only offered periodically.

Another factor, notably with regard to some well-known smaller schools with just one or two teachers, are the Thai holiday periods and/or the fact that some of these teachers now and again travel to give workshops and courses outside of Thailand.

Apart from the above, you have the many retreats, wellness and hosting centers in Thailand that offer space and facilities for (mostly foreign) bodywork and massage trainers to organize events. For them, having calendars is of course a necessity, but hosting centers generally offer more than Thai Massage alone. Think of modalities such as Yoga, Acro Yoga, Reiki, Tantra trainings, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and what not.

In this post however, we list some of the best known Thai Massage schools and teachers in Thailand with a reference to their course calendars and schedules giving you a quick overview of a variety of trainings.

If you’d like to search more targeted, you can use our Training Events Page to find Thai Massage and other specialty healing arts training offerings in Thailand.

And to find all Thai Massage schools and teachers in Thailand, visit our Thailand Thai Massage Trainers Page or use our Thailand Schools Filter Engine .

A selection of Thai Massage Schools and Trainers in alphabetical order with their calendars:


Chiva-Som Academy

Training Calendar

Coran Therapist School

Training Schedule

Pravinia Academy of Beauty and Spa

Training Schedule

TTC Spa School Bangkok

Course Schedules

Chiang Mai

Baan Hom Samunphrai

Calendar of Upcoming Courses

Blue Garden

Scheduled Massage Courses

ITM Chiang Mai | International Training Massage School

Overall Training Course Schedule
Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training Program (CAPT)

Loi Kroh Massage School

If Loi Kroh has special courses or workshops it’s often mentioned in the footer of the Loi Kroh Website Homepage

SEA Bodywork

SEA Bodywork Schedule

Sirichan Massage School

Calendar for Each Month (all year round)

Sensip Training

Course Dates and Schedule

Sunshine Massage School

Upcoming Advanced Thai Massage Courses at Sunshine Massage School
Upcoming Workshops & Advanced Courses

SVG Training Center

Course Schedule

Tao Garden Spa & Health resort | Mantak Chia

Workshops and Course Calendar Tao Garden
Workshops and Course Calendar from Mantak Chia

Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital

Thai Massage Course Schedule

The Fine Art of Thai Massage

Teaching Schedule

TMC Chiang Mai | Thai Massage school of Chiang Mai

Thai Massage Course Dates Overview including Teacher Training programs

TTC Spa School Chiang Mai

Course Schedules

Chiang Rai

Sunshine Network Center Lahu Village

Sunshine Network Center Course Dates

The Thai Massage School

Upcoming Courses

Koh Chang

TTC Spa School Koh Chang

The schedule of courses is shown on the Homepage

Koh Phangan

Chantima Holistic Massage Training

Massage Course Dates


Ruenmai Massage School

Upcoming courses with dates are published on the Homepage


Suai Spa School

Courses start dates are published on the Homepage

Suai Thai Massage Training Center

Course Schedule

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