Thai Cupping Massage Therapy and Training in Thailand

Published: May 23, 2019
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Thai Cupping Massage Therapy and Training in Thailand

Cupping is a bodywork therapy widely known and used in Asian countries, including in Thailand, and often associated as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is called Thai Cupping is in fact the same as Chinese Cupping (or any other Asian Cupping therapy) and it’s based on the use of small (glass) cups to create suction on the skin. In the past, traditionally, hollow bamboo cups were used instead of glass cups.

If at all applied in Thailand, by Thais, it’s very often only an added part or extra service and technique during a regular Thai Massage session. Yet, in the large Chinese community in Thailand, notably the one in Bangkok, you will see treatments more often offered.

The cupping technique uses heat or air pressure to create the suction, pulling cellular wastes and toxins from deeper layers in the body towards the surface.

Benefits of cupping are said to include draining of excess fluids and toxins, stimulating the skin and nervous system, improving blood flow to stagnant or tight muscles and skin, improving lymphatic drainage, loosening up adhesions, connective tissue and knots in soft tissue.

Cups are usually applied to the back, arms, legs, hips and sometimes also to the stomach, neck or face.

Training courses of cupping in Thailand are relatively rarely to be found. Yet, stand-alone treatments or as part of other treatment sessions are somewhat more easy to be obtained. In any case, below we offer a list of the few trainers we’ve spotted in Thailand.

Harmony House

Harmony House offers Energy Healing and Massage Training Courses at Khanom Beach (Surat Thani), Thailand. Training courses are given by Master Jet Lie. The place offers Reiki, Thai and Chinese bodywork course modalities, including Cupping

Sabai De Ka Massage School

The Sabai De Ka Massage School was founded in 2004 by “Kloy” Thanyanet Pothamoon. Initially, Sabai offered only massage and spa treatments, but later added Thai massage lessons and classes to its services. Currently the team comprises of almost 10 teachers and practitioners. Thai Cupping isone of the trainings offered.

Sensip Training

Sensip Training is active in both Thailand (Chiang Mai, since 2008) and in France (Aubenas, since 2015). The subsidiary in Chiang Mai was founded by Ajarn Thanaphorn Saebun, the one in France was founded by Charles Breger. Sensip offers a special Cupping and Moxibustion training Module.

Thai Facial Treatment & Training Center

This center in Bangkok is specialized in Thai Facial treatment and courses. Besides Facial Massage training a variety of trainings in other Thai Healing Arts modalities is offered also, including a Thai Cupping Therapy training.

Blue Eden Holistic Clinic Room

Blue Eden Holistic Clinic Room in Bangkok, run by Mamouchka, offers Alternative, Complementary, Holistic Treatments and Training Courses, such as Reiki, Cupping, Acupuncture, among other modalities.

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