Thai Bamboo Massage Training Classes and Workshops in Thailand

Published | Updated May 28, 2019

Thai Bamboo Massage Training Classes and Workshops in Thailand
The use of bamboo has a long history in China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries.

In the far past, thin sheets of bamboo were used as paper by monks in Buddhist Temples, and young bamboo is still used as food. The list is long – from making tools, decorations and mats to building houses, from artifacts in creative, healing and spiritual expressions to massage.

Today, we see bamboo massage increasingly offered on Spa menus, both in the East and in the West. Polished, hollow bamboo rods and sticks of different sizes and diameters are used – warm or cold – to roll or glide on muscles to soften, relax and stretch them.

Some therapists prefer to apply the rods by heating the bamboo believing that with heat the work will be more therapeutic because of being able to penetrate deeper into tissue and muscle layers. In fact, a bit the same idea as using hot herbal compresses in Thai Herbal Ball Massage.

Although the bamboo rods can be used on every part of the body, they are specifically excellent for working on the legs (thighs and calves), neck and shoulders, and arms.

Bamboo massage can be used stand-alone to do a complete massage, but it’s more likely applied as an extra tool and complementary method being part of a detox and / or weight loss program, or to attack persistent blockages, tensions, knots, tangles and muscle contractions, and the like.

There are also benefits for the therapist, because using bamboo sticks reduces over-straining the arms, wrists, hands and fingers, while still allowing for deep penetrating work.

Bamboo Massage training in Thailand is rare. Below we’ve listed the Thai Massage schools across the country that offer training classes.

Bellezza Skin Care Center & Spa
Belezza offers spa and beauty treatments and additionally trains practitioners for the Spa & Wellness industry. The center also has a shop for Spa beauty products and [More details...]
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Chiang Mai Spa Academy (CMSA)
The Chiang Mai Spa academy is a school focused on the education and training of beauty and spa therapists. The academy in Chiang Mai offers a vast range of Thai Healing A [More details...]
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Ong’s Thai Massage School
Ong’s massage school in Chiang Mai offers a broad diversity of courses with a duration generally from 1 up to 5 days. Training modalities range from Thai Massage, H [More details...]
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Samui Spa School
The school’s purpose is training high quality staff for the Spa hospitality industry both within Thailand and overseas. [More details...]
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Si Goet
On the Si Goet temple grounds at Ratchadammoen Road, you will find the Thai Healing Arts Association active with offering a variety of Thai Healing Arts treatments and tr [More details...]
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Spa Mantra
Spa Mantra is a Thai Spa and Wellness center and a branch from the ITM Chiang Mai Thai Massage school. Connected to the Spa treatment center is a Thai Massage and Bodywor [More details...]
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Thai Healing Arts Association
Provides Thai Massage services, instruction and teacher training on the temple grounds of Wat Si Goet on Ratchadammoen Road. [More details...]
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