Incall and Outcall Erotic Massage Services

Published: Feb 14, 2024
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Man receiving erotic massage

An Erotic Outcall Massage is a Sensual Erotic Massage offered in the privacy of your hotel or home, which means that the massage therapist will come to you.

Depending on the practitioner, establishment, and/or legal regulation in a country, an Erotic Outcall Massage may include extra services (usually with additional costs attached to those), such as a Happy Ending or even sexual intercourse.

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An Erotic Incall Massage is defined as one where the client visits the massage practitioner’s residence or a massage establishment — the latter typically a so-called Massage Parlor — to receive the massage. Like with the Outcall option, an Incall Massage may also offer sexual services.

The types of erotic massages offered are usually rather limited, typically a Body-to-Body Massage, Nuru Massage, or a more general Sensual Oil Massage. In many cases, Outcall and Incall Erotic Massage practitioners have little professional massage therapy training; the “massage” is usually offered as an extra service additional to sex work or non-sexual escort services.

Although the labels Incall and Outcall are usually associated with sexual services, mind that they don’t automatically refer to “sexual” or “erotic.” Non-sexual, non-erotic massage services can also be offered as an Incall or Outcall service, although it’s usually less common to advertise those in that way.

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