Duong Sinh | Vietnamese Self-Care Exercises

Published: Feb 14, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

Duong Sinh | Vietnamese Self-Care Exercises

Duong Sinh (Dưỡng sinh) is a form of Vietnamese traditional self care exercises that uses breathing techniques, stretches, massage, Yoga postures and gentle movements. It’s sometimes compared to Tai Chi and Qigong.

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The idea of these exercises is to preserve Vital Breath i.e. Vital Life Energy (Qi) with the intention to maintain or restore health. The conceptual background is based on the Chinese Meridians-Organ Energy System and the Dan Tien Energy Centers.

Duong Sinh is well known in the country side of Vietnam as a complimentary preventive and healing method besides the application of Southern and Northern Herbal Medicine (Thuốc Nam and Thuốc Bac).

Vietnamese Northern Medicine, or Thuốc Bac, basically equals Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in contrast to Southern Medicine, or Thuốc Nam, which is considered to be the more indigenous Vietnamese herbology practices, which, by the way, are also influenced by TCM.

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