How to Choose the Best Thai Massage Therapist?

Published: Nov 6, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

How to Choose a Good Thai Massage Therapist?

Having a Thai Massage for the first time is often quite an experience, no matter if you choose for a relaxation or therapeutic massage session.

Thai Massage can be rather intense bodywork. You will be massaged and stretched in various positions, and your entire body is “twisted and molded” by the practitioner, as it were. It’s therefore advised to choose a shorter session if it’s your first time, one of about an hour or so, just to see if it’s something for you and moreover, to make it easier for your body and mind to properly digest the work afterwards.

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You can choose to go to a common Thai Massage parlor i.e. establishment, one of those that are rather plenty around nowadays, where you’ll find a number of masseuses (in a lesser number masseurs) ready to give you a session.

Nevertheless, with an establishment as mentioned above you will most likely not be able to actually determine the qualifications of the practitioners (although certifications are sometimes at display). If you want to be sure of the therapist’s qualifications it’s often better to make an appointment with an independent Thai Massage therapist. He or she will generally provide evidence of experience and qualifications, and make more time discussing the work with you.

In a general sense you could say that it’s important to ascertain the therapist’s qualifications, to be able to communicate clearly, have certainty about safety and hygiene conditions, and to be able to reach a clear understanding of the work that will (or needs to) be done.

It doesn’t really matter if the practitioner is male or female. Choose either a man or woman depending on whom you feel better with to have a session.

The cost (price) of a Thai Massage session really says very little about the quality you will receive. A cheap session can be excellent, and an expensive one can be abominable. A good or bad session very much depends on the practitioner and his or her ability to have a click with you and to cater to your specific needs.

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A full-body Thai Massage treatment typically takes at least an hour, but depending on you and the therapist and the work that should be done, a session can take up to four hours.

If you have questions about the practitioner, the session, or about your needs, you can always reach out first: email, chat, visit the establishment or practitioner if possible, or call.

Hygiene is of course imperative to avoid infections, and simply indispensable to have a comfortable feeling while receiving a session. Check if the place where you will get the treatment looks fresh and clean.

Of course, the therapist also needs to be clean and work safely. Nevertheless, a hygienic environment and working style is often something you can only really assess when meeting the therapist. Then again, if things are not as they should be, well, then just cancel the session, pay if asked for it, and leave. As the saying goes: better safe than sorry.

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