Chiva-Som International Academy in Bangkok | Review

Published | Updated May 25, 2019

Chiva-Som International Academy Review
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About the Academy

Chiva-Som International Academy, located in Bangkok, is part of the world-renowned Chiva Som International Health Resorts Group. The Group has been in the health and wellness business since 1991, and the academy was founded to help supply for an increasing demand of highly trained professional in the spa and wellness industry. Chiva-Som is internationally accredited and has won several awards for being the best Spa Educator in Thailand.

Courses & Diploma Programs

The Academy offers a wide range of in-depth training courses and diploma programs. The list is really extensive, but the courses are divided into broader categories, so let’s take a look at them:

Arrow ImageFoundation – offering courses like Anatomy and Physiology (60 hours);
Arrow ImageMassage Therapy – offering courses like Thai Traditional Massage (90 hrs) and Oriental Foot Massage (60 hours);
Arrow ImageBeauty Therapy – offering courses like Skin Treatments (120 hours) and Hand, Foot, Nail and Waxing Treatments (90 hours);
Arrow ImageHealth & Wellness Therapy – offering courses like Indian Head Massage (30 hours), Basic Ayurveda (90 hours) and Reiki I (12 hours);
Arrow ImagePhysiotherapy Treatments – offering the same courses as the “Massage Therapy” category;
Arrow ImageDevelopment and Management – offering courses like Spa Development (30 hours) and Spa Management (30 hours)

As for the diploma programs, they are basically a combination of training courses, to make a more specific and extensive study in a determined area. For example, the “Advanced Programme – Massage Therapy” is a combo of Thai Traditional Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Oriental Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage training courses.

The courses are given either in Thai or English, and you can choose the language upon registration. Prospective students are welcome and encouraged to visit the academy before enrollment, and a pre-admission interview is recommended. The Academy’s office hours are from 08:30 am to 06:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

The registration for any course needs to take place at least 1 month before the starting date of the chosen course.

Additional Support

Chiva-Som can also help and advise students in certain areas, such as providing information about visa application and help finding a suitable accommodation in Bangkok; helping with the student’s career plan, advising what courses will fit best for him/her; providing information about job opportunities; among others.

The Academy also offers a Membership program, in which the members can get discounts on courses and retail products, complimentary treatments, and more.

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