Best Abdominal Massage Books | An Overview

Published: Jul 23, 2021 | Revised: Mar 13, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Best Abdominal Massage Books

In this post we take a look at a selection of the best Abdominal Massage books. Abdominal massages are a rather broad topic and you’ll find quite some distinct treatment modalities.

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Think of popular modalities such as Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Karsai Nei Tsang, Mercier Therapy, Ampuku Hara Massage, and so on.

Depending on the specialty of a certain Abdominal or Internal Organs Massage treatment they are often called after their main function or application: Fertility Massage, Reproductive Healing Massage, Uterus Massage, Sexual Healing Massage, Genital Detox Massage, or Emotional Release Massage, among other labels.

Below we take a look at some interesting publications.

Abdominal Massage: Concepts, Applications, and Treatment Modalities

Our own Abdominal Massage eBook is an in-depth, highly specialized reference guide about abdominal massage concepts and applications, and the various types of abdominal massages found around the world.

The book gives you a broad overview of what abdominal massages are, how they are used and applied, and explanations of individual modalities.

Ampuku Abdominal Acupressure: The Classics at the Heart of Japanese Bodywork

This book from Philippe Vandenabeele is about Ampuku Hara Abdominal Massage. It’s intended for all manual therapists interested in deepening their practice, by offering access to the information on Ampuku contained in Ōta Shinsai’s ‘Ampuku Zukai’ and Fujibayashi Ryohaku’s ‘Anma Tebiki’, the two illustrated classics at the core of Japanese bodywork.

Chi Nei Tsang: Chi Massage for the Vital Organs

This book from Master Mantak Chia about Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organs Massage is without doubt one of the most popular and well-known publications about Abdominal Massage.

Chi Nei Tsang is a healing touch massage modality combining ancient Taoist Chinese, Thai Massage and meditation techniques which focus mainly on the abdominal area. In Chi Nei Tsang, emotional detox and release play an important role in both physical and mental healing.

Immortal Fang’s Longevity Qigong: Rubbing the Abdomen to Prevent Illness and Prolong Life

This is a translation of an old Taoist (Daoist) text, originally published in 1723, and presents a set of Abdominal Rubbing Exercises for Preventing Illness and Prolonging Life. It’s a set of 9 exercises which are simple to learn and easy to practice. They can be done laying down or standing, and should be done at least twice a day.

Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way To Heal Your Body and Replenish Your Soul

This book from Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein is about personal experiences with natural home remedies and about the knowledge from the many traditional healers of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

It contains home remedies to alleviate common household ailments, but it also discusses the ancient art of Maya healing massage, which Rosita Arvigo popularized through her Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.

Women’s Optimal Pelvic Health with Mercier Therapy

This book is about Mercier Therapy, which is an abdominal internal organs bodywork modality created by Dr. Jennifer Mercier. It’s a non-invasive, deep pelvic organ visceral manipulative technique for women to mobilize the reproductive organs, to restore a healthy blood flow and optimal pelvic organ function.

Karsai Nei Tsang: Therapeutic Massage for the Sexual Organs

Karsai Nei Tsang is a specialization of Chi Nei Tsang, being focused more precisely on the genital organs. This book from Mantak Chia illustrates complete sexual organ massages for women and for men, guiding you through the techniques of Karsai Nei Tsang.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is an internal organs abdominal massage healing modality developed by the French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral. In the book Visceral Manipulation, Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. and Pierre Mercier, D.O. show how manipulation of the viscera can be used as an effective complement to other forms of manual medicine.

Fertility Massage For Women: Introducing the Malay Uterus Massage

This book from Salwa Salim introduces the Malay Uterus Massage (Sengkak), which assists women with easing reproductive issues, especially related to infertility. It’s a technique traditionally passed down by multiple generations of practitioners, and the author has undertaken the task of consolidating, documenting and standardizing the practice.

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