Advanced Thai Massage Courses | Study Curriculum

Published: Nov 16, 2021 | Revised: Jan 16, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Advanced Thai Massage Courses | Study Curriculum

Advanced Thai Massage training courses typically follow after so-called Thai Massage foundation courses. It’s as simple as that. Usually, with a certain teacher or school, students can only take an advanced training course or class after they have taken a foundation course first, at the specific school, or perhaps at another Thai Massage school or teacher.

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But what then exactly is an advanced Thai Massage course? Well, that all depends. Maybe it’s teaching more in-depth about working with the Sib Sen Energy Lines which were only touched briefly in a beginner course.

Or maybe students will focus on certain massage techniques, like only stretches for the legs, or how to give Thai Massage with the feet only, or maybe it’s about specific therapeutic topics, such as emotional release or back problems. The sky is the limit: it all depends on the teacher’s or school’s lineage, creativity, and focus.

Usually, the Thai Massage school or teacher has developed the study material for advanced courses, but if they are affiliated to another massage school, the study curriculum may belong to the original lineage or style. Generally, it’s difficult to find Thai Massage study books that only cover special subjects, so most likely the material will have been developed in-house.

As for the training duration i.e. study times, advanced training courses may span quite some time, for instance a whole month or longer all depending on what is covered, or exactly the opposite, that is, very much focused on a certain specialty, let’s say, “Thai therapeutics for neck problems,” which perhaps would take only a weekend or even a day.

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