AcroSage | Massage, Yoga, and Acrobatics

Published: Jul 8, 2021 | Updated: Mar 25, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

AcroSage | Massage, Yoga, and Acrobatics

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AcroSage is a bodywork modality that consists of a combination of massage, yoga, and acrobatics. It was developed by Benjamin Marantz in the 1980s. Benjamin has a background in drama, circus performance, competitive acrobatics, massage and interpretive partner yoga.

Because of the inverted acrobatic positions used in the practice, it’s considered a form of Inversion Therapy. It’s thought that work done during body inversions (with less influence of gravity) can relieve spinal compressions and structural misalignments.

Apart from promoting overall emotional well-being, other benefits of the treatment include increased blood and lymph circulation, improved hormonal responses, alleviation of back pains, and relieve of digestive disorders and migraines.

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The AcroSage treatment is done by placing the client i.e. receiver in an inverted pose atop the practitioner’s feet, while the head of the receiver is hanging freely. The receiver is then guided into certain yoga positions while being massaged. The benefits of working with the client in this position is that there’s very little pressure and tension on/in the neck or spine, and an increased supply of oxygen to the brain.

A session can be rather physical and strenuous for the AcroSage practitioner who needs quite some experience and strength to give a feeling of ease to the client.

Some caution needs to be observed by receivers that have certain eye conditions, people with high blood pressure or heart conditions, pregnant woman, or those who have hernias or severe spine problems, such as slipped or bulging disks.

More info about AcroSage can be obtained at the AcroSage official website.

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