Partner Yoga | Increasing Communication and Intimacy in Relationships

Published: Mar 18, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Partner Yoga | Increasing Communication and Intimacy in Relationships

Partner Yoga is an activity with two practitioners, that is — the partners. It’s sometimes also called Couples Yoga. Usually, there are a lot of Yogic stretches and traction involved, and in a lesser degree massage and lifts.

This kind of Yoga is used as medium for building better communication and intimacy in any kind of relationship, not only for partners in romantic, sexual, or sensual-intimate relationships. It can help bring people closer together, and it’s a notably suitable practice to reinforce relationships that go through hard times.

Partner Yoga has its roots in Tantric lineages. The Tantric idea is that Partner Yoga, seen as a form of intimate touch, embraces the philosophy of using a relationship or partnership as a technique for awakening to our true nature. In this case, Partner Yoga is rather seen as a spiritual practice.

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