Yoni Massage Treatment Providers in Cape Town

 Published October 19, 2020 | Updated October 24, 2020

Yoni Massage Treatments Providers in Cape Town

A vaginal Yoni Massage is a full-body Tantric Massage with the focus on a woman’s erogenous zones and genitals, such as the vulva, clitoris, vaginal canal, cervix, perineum, rosebud, groin, anus, and inner thighs.

A Yoni Massage is in fact a Neo-Tantric blend that combines Tantric and Taoist philosophical concepts with a range of traditional and modern Western massage techniques.

The massage may be aimed at giving a pleasurable erotic experience, or it may be a therapeutic massage to liberate one emotionally by releasing sexual and psychological tensions and traumas.

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Mind that we’ve listed those providers that explicitly mention offering a Yoni Massage. Some treatment providers who offer Tantra massages may also offer a Yoni Massage, but without mentioning it explicitly. The reason for the latter is that it varies significantly how a therapist or masseur interprets giving a Tantra Massage: some work with the genitals and some not.

In any case, below you find our selection of Yoni Massage treatment providers in Cape Town, South Africa. For Tantric massage treatments, you can visit our post Tantra Massage Treatments Providers in Cape Town.

Yoni Massage Treatments in Cape Town

Allure Heavenly Massage and Spa Cape Town
Allure Heavenly Massage Cape Town offers sensual and special touch massages sessions for women, men and couples, including sensual Workshops.​ [ ... ]
Ella Studio
Ella Studio offers a range of massage treatment modalities, such as Indian Head Massage, Tantra Massage, Back and Neck Massage, Sports Massage, Full Body Massage, Body To Body Massage a [ ... ]
Sensual Erotic Massage for Women
Sensual Erotic Massage for Women offers Mobile Out-Call Services for Women ONLY. The therapist Ian Marshall massages you at your private venue in Cape Town. Should you not be able to pr [ ... ]
Sinfully Sensual
Sinfully Sensual offers Professional Sensual, Erotic and Tantric Massage for Women. [ ... ]
Wildbird Tantra
Wildbird Tantra, founded by Candace, is a Tantric Journey facilitator, and a Tantra Yoga teacher. [ ... ]
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