What Is a Sex Doula?

Published: May 25, 2024 | Revised: Jun 15, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Sex Doula talking with lesbian couple

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Sex Doulas or Sexuality Doulas have little in common with the work of a Birth Doula, but have quite a similar job description as sex coaches, sex counselors, or sex educators, or even intimacy and relationship coaches.

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In fact, a Sex Doula informs, educates, facilitates, supports, and guides people who struggle with shame, confusion, anger, fear, and emotional trauma about their sexuality and want to get liberated of all that, and come to an authentic expression of their sexual and sensual selves and again experience satisfaction and pleasure in their sex lives.

Depending on the Sex Doula and their education, background, and experience this may also involve somatic work, that is, assuming the role of a hands-on somatic sex educator who follows a more “embodied approach.”

The latter somewhat enters the realm of so-called Sexual De-Armoring, which uses somatic, bodily experiences (through self-awareness exercises and/or by hands-on bodywork given by the facilitator) in order to come to emotional and trauma release and a more natural and free experience of one’s sexuality.

At any rate, Sex Doula work may involve a practice that not only revolves around “talk” about mental and psychological inner processes, but which is also focused on actual bodily sensations and experiences. In a general sense we could say that the Sex Doula will try to bring mind, emotions, and body into renewed connection, intimacy, communication, and balance.

Sex Doula work can be carried out live online or in-person, in one-to-one private sessions, or with couples, or through facilitating talks, workshops, and courses for groups.

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