Low Self-Esteem and Sexual Dysfunction

Published: Mar 8, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

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Low self-esteem can have many specific underlying reasons, but it’s primarily caused by not being able (or wanting) to comply with the values and morals shared by one’s upbringing and by society. It may bring a person into a vicious circle of even lower self-esteem, making it hard to break the pattern.

The “guidelines” and “obligations” from a person’s surroundings may give a negative self-image or negative body-image, creating a human being dominated by shame, guilt, and fears when it comes to engaging into partner relationships or sexual relationships, or even in day-to-day non-intimate relationships.

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Apart from emotional problems, it can lead to physical problems in the sexual or genital sphere, such as erectile dysfunction (ED), vaginismus, orgasmic disorders, low libido, sex aversion, or even infertility.

Many factors may play a role when it comes to one’s experience of sexuality: gender issues, suppressed sexuality, homosexuality or heterosexuality, sexual inclination, and so on, and so on.

Yet, not only a specific upbringing or the values and morals of a given society may give problems, also traumatic experiences with sex or intimate relationships can give rise to low self-esteem.

Apart from obvious psychological or counseling therapy, traditional genital and sexual massage and bodywork may be of additional help to release and overcome tensions, negative emotions, and trauma, at the same time helping to build a stronger and more loving self and body-image.

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