Professional Cuddle Sessions | What You Need to Know

Published: Feb 28, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

Cuddling in bed

Professional Cuddle sessions are offered by trained Cuddle companions, Cuddle therapists, or Cuddlers to people who want to rest, relax, who feel lonely, and/or want to meet their connection and touch needs. Cuddle sessions are consensual, non-sexual and platonic, and include nurturing touch such as holding, stroking, and hair-play.

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In Cuddle sessions one can experience holding and being held, enjoy quiet moments of silence and comfort, be in a safe space to express emotions and stories, be noticed and listened to with deep presence and confidentiality, and connect with emotional intimacy.

Cuddle sessions may start with a meet and greet and relaxation or breathing exercises, often carried out to help you relax, gain trust, and conquer any nerves or tension you may have with regard to cuddling with a stranger.

Typically, cuddling will take place on a bed or couch. Often you will keep your clothes on (you may bring your own comfortable clothing), but with mutual consent you may both disrobe down to your underwear.

There are various techniques of cuddling, and you may be surprised by the variety of cuddle positions. Think of holding hands, spooning, arms around the shoulders, half-spoon, face-to-face, draped legs, legs entwined, embracing, back-to-back, head in the lap, nesting doll, bear nuzzle, butt pillowing, pancake plank, heartbeat hug, among many others.

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You can always ask to stop or change positions during the cuddle session, depending on what you need. Nevertheless, it will often be the Cuddle therapist who takes the lead and does the holding, so that you can relax and feel safe. Sessions will usually take about an hour, but longer is also possible.

Some of the health benefits associated with cuddling are reduction of social anxiety and stress, increase of self-esteem, enhancement of communication skills, a boost of the immune system, relief of symptoms of depression, and better sleep quality.

If you like to be cuddled professionally, just take a look on the Internet and search for professional Cuddling services. These websites usually offer certified Cuddlers who adhere to professional codes of conducts.

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