Therapeutic Touch® | Detecting and Manipulating the Biofield

Published: May 31, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Therapeutic Touch | Detecting and Manipulating the Biofield

Therapeutic Touch® (TT), developed by Dolores Krieger (1921 – 2019) and Dora Kunz (1904 – 1999), and also known as Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch, is a body energy field manipulating practice with the goal of alleviating pains, stress, and anxiety, and encouraging overall health and wellbeing.

TT works with the receiver’s biofield, that is, the receiver’s energy field that is thought to surround the body. Actual touching is not required during a treatment session, although some therapists gently lay their hands on body parts.

In fact, practitioners place their hands on, or near a receiver to be able to detect and manipulate the receiver’s biofield. The core concept behind TT treatments is to incorporate the intentional and compassionate use of Universal Energy in order to promote balance and wellbeing.

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