Benefits of Hiring a Doula

Published: May 21, 2024 | Revised: May 27, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Doula giving massage to pregnant woman

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No matter the kind of Doula a person wants to hire, the benefits are of a general nature being applicable for all types of Doulas. Think of Birth Doulas, Postnatal Doulas, Fertility Doulas, Geriatric and Hospice Doulas, Adoption Doulas, or Transition Doulas, and so on.

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In fact, a Doula is a non-judgmental companion who can support, encourage, reassure, and empower people by giving them comprehensive information and evidence-based education about the specific realm they’re specialized in (and are hired for), such as fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, abortion, adoption, trauma, end-of-life, and so on.

In addition, the Doula is one’s professional buddy, a helping hand entirely focused on the needs of their client (and their families and/or community) during a specific — often life-changing — trajectory or period in one’s life.

Apart from information and education the Doula also supplies emotional comfort, practical physical assistance (for instance, helping in the house or running errands), gives helpful techniques, exercises, and treatments (such as massage or breathing exercises if applicable for the type of Doula), and provides logistic support (such as transport, managing appointments, and so on).

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With respect to third-parties (such as hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, administrative organizations, and so on) the Doula can be the client’s advocate — one could say a spokesperson — helping their client not to become overwhelmed, “speechless,” or “lost” in face of bureaucratic and machinelike procedures or complicated jargon used by a specific professional group.

A Doula can also make sure that the legal rights of a person (and their partner and family) are observed in the situations they’re dealing with, and that one isn’t drawn into doing things one doesn’t want or need to do.

In the case of Birth Doulas, studies about the effects of their services suggest that providing support during the pregnancy and childbirth period increases the prospect of vaginal birth (rather than a caesarean section), decreases the need for pain medication during the labor process, decreases labor time, and improves the overall perception of the birthing experience.

And lastly, an extra note on the benefits of hiring a Doula: the World Health Organization (WHO) has published two articles and a booklet that highlight the evidence-based benefits of birth companions.

You’ll find them here:

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