Fertility Doula – Tasks and Aims in the Preconception Period

Published: May 7, 2024
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A Fertility Doula (sometimes also called Holistic Fertility Doula or Preconception Doula) is a trained non-medical professional who aims at supporting and guiding people on their road to pregnancy and parenthood. This type of Doula is proficient in supplying informational, educational, logistical, and emotional support to women who want to get pregnant, and for their partners if applicable.

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Mind that a Fertility Doula may be trained as a Full Spectrum Doula, which means that he or she can give support during the entire reproductive cycle, which covers preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, including other events such as abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, surrogacy, and adoption.

Although the target group of fertility doulas often includes women or couples who experience difficulties in getting pregnant, it may also involve those who don’t experience any fertility difficulties but just feel the need for information, support, and guidance on their journey.

For women or couples with fertility issues, fertility doulas can be of particular help by supporting them in assessing the many mainstream, holistic, and natural fertility treatments and other reproductive technologies, and navigating the actual treatment period and potential fertility complications.

Apart from the often much needed emotional support in cases of infertility, practical help can include offering fertility education, preparing for doctor’s appointments, joining women or couples during health visits, instruction in relaxation and mindfulness techniques, giving education about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle issues connected to fertility, planning and preparation for the pregnancy period, or giving referrals for resources with regard to the preconception period.

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