What Are Pediatric Massages? | Goals and Health Benefits

Published: Dec 13, 2021 | Updated: Mar 6, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Pediatric Massages

Pediatric Massage is massage that aims at promoting health and well-being for children and adolescents, although Baby and Infant massages are sometimes considered Pediatric Massage also, depending on the definition utilized.

Pediatric Massage sessions usually take less time than those given to adults. Children typically have a shorter attention span and often have difficulties at sitting or lying still for longer periods.

The general goals of pediatric massages are to reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and loneliness, for instance, when a child is hospitalized, and to treat or prevent certain illnesses in children. It’s also aimed at helping to stimulate children’s growth and brain development and strengthening the child’s immune system.

Other health benefits may include alleviating or curing diarrhea, colic, vomiting, asthma, nausea, muscle aches, constipation, cough, stomach aches, bad appetite, flu, nearsightedness, excessive drooling, bed-wetting, night crying, and colds.

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