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Published | Updated March 15, 2019

Thai Massage Schools in São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil and in the whole of South America, with its metropolitan area being also the 12th most populous on Earth. Considered an alpha global city, São Paulo is a cosmopolitan melting pot of different cultures, being home to the largest Arab, Italian, and Japanese diasporas.

Located in Southeastern Brazil, about 430 km from Rio de Janeiro, its state (also called São Paulo) is the wealthiest of the country. Not only people from all over the world have moved to São Paulo throughout the last centuries, but there is also an intense migration inside Brazil from people from other states seeking better opportunities.

Needless to say, it’s a very important city in Brazil and no wonder that the Thai Massage schools and teachers offering training courses are mostly concentrated there. Many Thai Massage teachers are based in São Paulo, but travel through the country offering courses in other cities and states (and outside Brazil as well).

Below we’ve listed all the Thai massage schools and instructors that offer courses in São Paulo:

Amor Alternativo – Terapias Naturais e Psicologia sistêmica
Amor Alternativo in Brazil offers a variety of complementary therapy courses such as Thai Massage, meditation, and Massotherapy. [More info...]

Arte Thai
Arte Thai is run by Cyro Sa and offers Thai Massage courses. The institute is based in São Paulo, Brazil. [More info...]

Barbara Santos
Barbara Santos travels between Brazil and Thailand offering Thai Massage courses in both countries. [More info...]

Conexão Tailândia
Conexão Tailândia, founded by Cyro Sá, is all about learning more about Thailand and Thai Culture and traditions. Part from the activities is training in Thai massage. [More info...]

Escola Oriental de Massagem e Acupuntura | EOMA
The Escola Oriental de Massagem e Acupuntura mostly offers Japanese and Chinese traditional Massages and Bodywork courses, but provides for a basic Thai Massage course also. [More info...]

Espaço Nibbana
Barbara Santos is the founder of Espaço Nibbana and travels between Brazil and Thailand offering Thai Massage courses in both countries. Apart from Thai Yoga Massage, she’s also profi [More info...]

Espaço Rasa
Espaço Rasa is a cultural center that occupies itself with Oriental Dance, Music, Theater, and more. The place also hosts Thai Massage courses offered by Marcos Takeda and Eduardo Formigari [More info...]

Espaço Vajra
Espaço Vajra is run by Sônia Imenes and Giuliano Nucci. The center offers Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage training classes and courses. [More info...]

Fundamental Yoga
The school in Sao Paulo offers Yoga and meditation classes and offers a Thai Massage course also in the style of Ong’s Thai Massage School Chiang Mai. The Thai Massage classes are give [More info...]

Javier Sunder
Javier Sunder seems to be based in São Paulo, Brazil. The info we’ve found is not clear and we’re not sure if he still teaches. We couldn’t locate a website, but found a F [More info...]

JP Paixão
JP Paixão offers Thai Massage courses across Brazil. Associated with CONEXÃO TAILÂNDIA. [More info...]

Maria Alice Nunes
Maria is a teacher authorized by Ong’s Thai Massage School (Chiang Mai) and is based in Brazil, Sao Paulo. [More info...]

Nadis Terapias Thai
Nadia Funes is the founder of Nadis Terapias Thai and an Ong’s Thai Massage affiliated Thai Massage teacher. [More info...]

Nívia Paulino
Nívia Paulino is an Ong’s Thai Massage School Chiang Mai associated Thai Massage teacher. Based in Sao Paulo, but traveling around offering Thai Massage courses in a variety of cities [More info...]

Okido Terapia Corporal
Okido Terapia Corporal mostly offers Japanese Bodywork and Massage training courses, but a Thai Massage course is also available given by Elio Teruo Hata. [More info...]

Patrícia Ohara
Patrícia Ohara is an Ong’s Thai Massage Chiang Mai associated teacher in Sao Paulo. [More info...]

Priscila Almeida Alves
Priscila Almeida Alves offers a variety of levels of Thai Massage trainings in Sao Paulo. [More info...]

Sol Instituto Terapêutico
Sol Instituto in Sao Paulo offers a vast range of both Western and Oriental massage and bodywork training courses. Thai Massage is offered by Everton Luiz Torres, a Ong’s Thai Massage [More info...]

Studio Ana Maria
[More info...]

Studio Nataraja Flow Yoga
Studio Nataraja Flow Yoga offers Yoga and Thai Massage training, among other activities. [More info...]

Valéria Fernandes (Mudita)
Valéria Fernandes (Mudita) is a Ong’s Thai Massage School Chiang Mai affiliated Thai massage teacher. [More info...]

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