Thai Massage Schools, Training Courses and Classes in India

Published | Updated June 17, 2019

Thai Massage Schools, Training Courses and Classes in India
India is considered the source of Thai Traditional massage and for an important part also for Thai Traditional Medicine as a whole.

The founder of Traditional Thai massage is thought to have been a doctor from Northern India known as Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (Dr. Shivago), a contemporary of the Buddha and the personal physician of the Indian King Bimbisara about 2,500 years ago. It’s said that his teachings reached Thailand at the same time as Buddhism.

Up to our days, Dr. Shivago (Jivaka Komarabhacca) is highly respected in Thailand and by many Thais he’s honored as the ‘Father of Medicine.’

For what it is, Thai Massage training isn’t very big in India (certainly not considering the size of India’s population), but there are nonetheless some excellent training options. Naturally, Ayurvedic Massage and Medicine, and Indian Yoga, are far larger bodywork and healing modalities in India.

In this post we list the Thai Massage schools, teachers and training centers we’ve found in India.

AIM Spas

AIM Spas is a treatment center and training academy. The academy is a TMC Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage course provider. [Read More...]

Aithein Healing

Aithein, established in 2005 and located in Agonda (Goa), offers a variety of Ayurveda courses, workshops and retreats, Thai Traditi [Read More...]

Ananda Spa Institute

The institute is a CIBTAC and ITEC accredited SPA Academy in India. Offers Indian bodywork training programs (Ayurveda and Yoga) as [Read More...]

Andres Yoga

Andres teaches Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage and gives courses and workshops around the world. [Read More...]

Aroma Spa Training Academy

The Aroma Spa Training Academy, located in Bangalore, is committed to train spa therapists, beauticians and spa management personnel [Read More...]

AyurYoga EcoAshram

The AyurYoga EcoAshram is a retreat center for spiritual seekers to connect with traditional Indian teachers in an eco-friendly camp [Read More...]

Baba Massage Center

Baba Massage Center in Rishikesh offers a variety of both Western and Oriental Massage courses. [Read More...]

Bebe Merino

We couldn’t find a personal Website or Facebook page of Bebe, but for as far as we know she has been active teaching until 201 [Read More...]

Butic Institute of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing

The Butic Institute of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing is a chain of Beauty Institutes and Colleges and boasts a renowned Spa Academ [Read More...]

Ganga Spa

Ganga Spa offers holistic & wellness treatments with a blend of Indian & Thai culture, body purification techniques, body [Read More...]

Himalayan Zen School

The Himalayan Zen School offers Thai Yoga massage and meditation courses with Swami Prem Adeh. [Read More...]


IMOSHA in India is founded and run by Raghu Chandrashekar. The school offers Thai, Tok Sen, Jap Sen, Guasha and other ancient healin [Read More...]

INSPA Institute

The INSPA Institute (Institute of Spa Therapy and Ayurveda), based in Calicut, runs a range of wellness schools for massage therapy [Read More...]

International Spa Therapy and Ayurveda Academy | ISTHAA

ISTHAA offers a broad variety of Western and Eastern massage and bodywork treatments and courses, Yoga and Ayurveda teacher training [Read More...]

ISPAA International Spa Academy

ISPAA is based in Cochin, Kerala. The academy offers Yoga, Spa Management & Consultancy, and international Spa trainings in a w [Read More...]

London Beauty Centre

The London Beauty Centre in Punjab is an international recognized company for trainings in the beauty industry accredited by CIBTAC. [Read More...]

Lotus Ayurveda Yoga

Lotus Ayurveda Yoga offers Yoga training, a variety of Ayurveda courses and Thai Massage training. Trainings are also offered in Ker [Read More...]

LTA School of Beauty

The LTA School of Beauty, since 2005, is head quartered in Mumbai but has campuses in various cities across India. Main offerings ar [Read More...]

Maitrii Home

Maitrii Home is a Thai bodywork and Ayurveda training provider and retreat center in Kerala, India. Special focus on Japanese studen [Read More...]

Mogu School

The Mogu School, founded and run by Ranjeet Mogu, offers a variety of treatments and trainings—Thai Massage, Traditional Ayurv [Read More...]


Prabhat Menon is the founder of the Panchendriya school in Mumbai and an authorized Sunshine Network teacher. Trainings are given in [Read More...]

Pure Touch Spa

Pure Touch Spa runs various Spa and Wellness centers and a training academy. The Spa academy runs under StudySpa and is located in t [Read More...]

Ram Yoga House

Ram Yoga House is founded and run by Ram Bhardwaj. The place in Dharamshala offers Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and Thai Yoga massage [Read More...]

School of Thai Massage

The School of Thai Massage is founded and run by Cyriac. Thai Massage Courses are offered in both India and the United States. [Read More...]

YLG Institut

The institute is a professional Spa Hair Care, Make-up & Beauty Therapy trainer, with a broad range of training courses. Althou [Read More...]

Zuri International Beauty Academy

Zuri International Beauty Academy was established in 2014 and operates mainly in the Punjab state. Training Courses offered by the a [Read More...]

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