Thai Massage Schools, Courses and Workshops in Paris

Published | Updated October 19, 2018
Thai Massage Therapy Courses and Training in Thailand Thai Massage Therapy Courses and Training in Thailand

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Thai Massage Schools, Courses and Workshops in Paris
Cityscape of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background © Helissa Grundemann

Paris is the city of superlatives—stunning landmarks, dramatic monuments, the beaux arts, classy museums, haute cuisine, haute couture, city of lights, and last but not least… the most romantic city in the world! Yes, you bet, that’s Paris, a must-see-and-do for anyone visiting Europe.

On the other hand, having lived there for about two years, I got to know a whole other kind of Paris. A Paris where you live and work. And that… is a whole lot different than the fancy statements would’ve liked you to believe.

Paris, in fact, boasts an individualistic, stressful and hasty environment. And, the city is incredibly expensive, not only money-wise, but likewise for your mental health. There’s simply too much going on, continuously, and a city with just too many crazy people—on the streets, in the subway, in cars, on scooters, in the shops.

But then again, it’s Paris isn’t it? An amazing phenomenon and somehow rather contagious. An experience no one really ever regrets, whatever happens or not happens in the place.

Having gotten that off my chest, let’s now take a look at what’s going on there with Thai Massage education. As Paris is the most populous city of France, it’s as expected also the place with most of the Thai Massage courses, schools and teachers.

And although the greater metropolitan area of Paris counts about a quarter (15 million inhabitants) of the total population of France (65 million inhabitants), it boasts about a third of all the Thai Massage schools to be found in France (around 60 training centers).

Well, there we go then. Below we’ve prepared a list for you with the Thai Massage education centers we’ve found in Paris.

Art du toucher

[Read More...]

Asian Villa

Asian Villa is a TMC school (Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai) affiliate and offers Thai Bodywork courses and workshops in [Read More...]

Association Nei-Kung

The founder and main teacher is Patrice Lakhdari, a somatotherapist and acupuncturist. Also called Ecole de Formation en Ene [Read More...]

Azur Massages

Azur Massages offers a range of contemporary and oriental massage courses and workshops, mostly in the Aix-les-Bains village [Read More...]

Biopulse Formation Massage

Biopulse in Paris offers a variety of massage course modalities like Reflexology, Thai Massage, Yoga, Biodynamics, and the l [Read More...]

Blue Massage

[Read More...]

Catherine Sertin – Ecole d’esthétique et spa

The school is basically active in the beauty and spa industry. Thai Massage training is offered as part of their general Mas [Read More...]

Ecole de massage Azenday

The AZENDAY Massage School offers teachings in a range of different oriental massage and bodywork modalities in various citi [Read More...]

Espace de Ressourcement

Espace de Ressourcement offers Thai Massage courses in Belgium and in France. The organization facilitates several kinds of [Read More...]

Espace France Asie

This Thai Massage spa and wellness center offers Thai Massage, Thai foot massage, and Thai Oil massage treatment sessions, a [Read More...]

Formation Massage Yvelines | La Maison du Lotus

Formation Massage Yvelines (Centre de Formation de la Maison du Lotus) offers general massage training programs of 120, 161, [Read More...]

Institut Figari

[Read More...]

Jaidee Massage

No and Yong are the founders and main teachers of this Thai Massage School in Paris. Apart from Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsa [Read More...]

L’École Internationale du Spa

[Read More...]

Massages Energy Training

[Read More...]

Osteo Yoga

The place, promoting itself as an integration specialist of Osteopathy and Yoga trainings, basically offers a variety of (Os [Read More...]

Sud Formation Massage

[Read More...]


[Read More...]

The Miki School

Micky Suwanachoti (Miki) is one of the pioneers of Thai massage in France. She founded Espace France Asie, a spa and wellnes [Read More...]


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