Thai Massage Schools and Courses in Hat Yai and Songkhla

Published | Updated March 1, 2019

Thai Massage Schools and Courses in Hat Yai and Songkhla

The cities of Hat Yai (Hatyai) and Songkhla in the deep south of Thailand are relatively unknown as tourist destinations for Westerners, but their proximity with Malaysia make them a hot spot for Malaysian tourists coming from Penang Island and Kuala Lumpur.

Although there’s lots of offering when it comes to spa and massage treatments, there’s very little Thai Massage training available for foreigners.

Nevertheless, there are two large universities, the Prince of Songkla University and the Thaksin University that offer extensive Thai Traditional Medicine College programs, although they might be hard to access for those who don’t speak Thai.

Furthermore, we’ve found two Thai massage schools in Hat Yai that offer training courses. Below we list the few Thai Healing Arts training options (for foreigners) we have found in the region.

Hatyai Thai Medical Association
The Hatyai Thai Medical Association is a public school of Thai traditional medicine located in Hat Yai city (Southern Thailand). We couldn’t make sure if this is the same school as the Thai Medi [More details...]

Prince of Songkla University
The Faculty of Traditional Thai Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai Campus offers a Bachelor and Master of Thai Traditional Medicine program, including Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Medica [More details...]

Thai Medical Health School Hat Yai
The school offers Thai massage and Thai Foot massage courses. Additionally, there are official Thai Traditional medicine programs of Thai midwifery, Thai Pharmacy, and Traditional Thai Medical Practic [More details...]
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Thaksin University
The Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Thaksin University (Songkhla and Phatthalung Campus) offers a Bachelor program of Traditional Thai medicine. The Faculty of Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Art [More details...]

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