Tantra Massage Schools, Courses and Workshops in Toronto

Published: Aug 1, 2020 | Updated: Jul 13, 2021

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Tantra Massage Schools, Courses and Workshops in Toronto| Canada

Tantra training courses, workshops and retreats are plenty to be found, but if you start looking for actual Tantra Massage training courses or Tantric Yoni or Lingam Massage training, you will notice that it becomes quite difficult to find those.

It’s a lot of Tantra out there, with things like Tantric Breathwork, Tantric Sex, Tantric Multi-Orgasm, Tantra Philosophy and Concepts, Yoni Egg Applications, Tantric Worshiping and Rituals, to name just some of an astonishing vast field of subjects that can be the content of a Tantric course or workshop.

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To make a long story short: sometimes it’s very hard to understand what a training is about and offerings can be utterly confusing. In this post however, we list trainers of which it’s clear that they offer actual Tantra Massage training (or Tantric Massage), which sometimes includes Yoni Massage, Lingam Massage, Anal, Perineum and Sacred Spot Massage or Prostate Massage training, but sometimes not, partially, or only in certain settings (like only for couples), or not very in-depth.

It’s advised to check out thoroughly Tantra course or workshop descriptions, in order to make sure that they “delivers the goods” you’re looking for. Below the Tantric Massage trainers and courses we’ve located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tantric Massage Training in Toronto

Devi Ward Tantra | Institute of Authentic Tantra Education


Devi Ward Tantra is an Institute of Authentic Tantra Education and offers Tantra Certification, Coaching, and Classes in Vancouver, BC, Toronto and North America. [ Read more ... ]

Gay-Tantra™ | US


Gay-Tantra™, run by Armin Heining, combines uses Tantric bodywork, massage, dance, active and silent meditations and other practices in a relaxing, supportive and save all-male e [ Read more ... ]

Phillip Coupal | Counselling, Coaching and Bodywork


Phillip Coupal offers Personal Growth and Life Skills services, as well as Adult Education for those seeking new or alternative solutions to their well being. Services offered are clien [ Read more ... ]

Red Lotus Tantra


Red Lotus Tantra specializes in Tantric Massage, offering Tantric Rituals, Healing and Private Tantra Sessions, Couples Tantra individual sessions and Red Lotus Tantra Massage Practitio [ Read more ... ]

Sacred Eros


Sacred Eros is a Global Directory of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Professionals covering topics such as Tantra, Sensual Touch and Sex Coaching. [ Read more ... ]



SkyDancer offers sexual healing services throughout greater Vancouver BC and Toronto Ontario, including: tantra massage for women, men and couples, sexual counselling and intimacy coach [ Read more ... ]

Temple Body Work


Temple Body Work offers a variety of massage treatments, such as Cupping, Tantra Massage, Kahuna Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, among other modalities. Additionally, Temple Body Work also [ Read more ... ]

Toronto Tantra


Toronto Tantra offers sacred sexual healing services and education in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. [ Read more ... ]

Viktoria | Intimacy and Relationship Specialist


Viktoria is an Intimacy Coach for Men, Women and Couples located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She offers Private Coaching, programs, retreats and workshops. [ Read more ... ]

eBook - Yoni Treatments Guide eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork eBook - Genital Massage and Bodywork

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