Sex Toys for People with Limitations or Disabilities

Published: Jul 5, 2022
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Sex Toys for People with Limitations or Disabilities

Sex toys can be an excellent support for people with certain limitations or disabilities. Of course, the types and range of impairments or disabilities is vast, and below we just give some examples of how sex toys can come to help.

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For instance, people with decreased mobility of the limbs or other body parts may be able to use remote control sex toys, hand strap vibrators, Universal Cuffs, long handled vibrators, hand-less toys, bondage tape, straps, sex swings, suction toys, pumps, and tongue vibrators, among others.

People with increased sensation, that is, those who experience oversensitivity due to their disability, can decrease those sensations by using desensitizers, lubricants that decrease friction, or low intensity vibrators, for instance.

On the other hand, those who suffer from decreased sensation may consider high-intensity vibrators, ribbed and textured toys, and/or multi-sensation toys.

For those who get tired easily, the weight of a sex toy and the way it needs to be handled can guide the choice. Additionally, you’ll find a range of positioning tools that can aid in making things easier, such as wedges, tape, pillows, sex furniture, or straps.

Some disabilities and health conditions, such as spinal injury, erectile dysfunction (ED), or mobility impairments can make sexual penetration difficult or impossible. In such cases, harnesses and strap-ons might come handy.

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