Naga Center Teacher’s Guild | An Overview

Published | Updated September 28, 2019

Naga Center Teacher's Guild | An Overview
The Naga Center Teacher’s Guild, founded by Nephyr Jacobsen, is an international affiliation of Thai Medicine teachers who have been trained to offer a certain set of Naga Center Thai Traditional Healing Arts training courses. The Naga Center Guild teachers have studied extensively with Nephyr Jacobsen.

The Naga Center Guild instructors follow specific Thai Healing lineage teachings, and share the commitment to study, practice, and teach Thai Healing arts as they have historically been practiced in Thailand. The Guild teachers regularly offer Naga Center courses across the United States, and in other countries, notably in the UK.

Currently, the Guild teachers offer three Naga Center courses: Thai Massage Essentials, Deep Thai Massage, and Tools of Thai Bodywork. Students who have taken foundation courses with any of the Guild teachers, can take advanced courses at The Naga Center. Note that many Guild teachers offer their own courses also, which are not part of the Naga Center curriculum.

For more information about the Guild, visit the Guild’s website mentioned at The Naga Center Teacher’s Guild. Below you’ll find an overview of teachers currently affiliated.

For other Thai Massage teachers or training courses in the USA, visit our Worldwide Training Overview Page.
Deborah Hodges
Deborah Hodges is an educator and massage therapist who additionally offers Traditional Thai Massage training courses. [More info...]

Jennifer Vanderburg Roots & Wings Therapeutics
Jennifer Vanderburg Roots & Wings Therapeutics offers Therapeutic Thai Bodywork, Handmade Herbal products, Yoga, Reusi Datton classes, among other [More info...]

London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
The London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage (LITYM) is founded in 2005 by Natasha de Grunwald. Natasha teaches courses and workshops in Thai massage and [More info...]

Natural Arts Center
The Natural Arts Center is located in Eugene, Oregon and offers classes and workshops in traditional therapies, such as cupping, scraping, and (Thai) m [More info...]

The Naga Center
The Naga Center is based in Oregon, Portland. The school teaches Traditional Thai Medicine, Herbalism and Thai Massage and was founded by Nephyr Jacobs [More info...]

Woven Body Healing Arts
Woven Body Healing Arts in Richmond (VA) is run by Damion Bond. The school offers a variety of Thai Massage course programs rooted in Northern Thai Lan [More info...]

Yoga Potential
Yoga Potential in Fort Worth (Texas) is founded by Mary Elizabeth Sheehan. Mary is a Yoga and Thai Massage teacher. Affiliated to the Naga Center Teach [More info...]

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