Thai Massage | Feeling Hot and Cold during a Session

Published: Nov 3, 2012
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Thai Massage | Feeling Hot and Cold during a Session

While giving a Thai Massage session massage therapists may experience that clients suddenly get cold — and in fact, this actually tends to happen quite regularly, although degrees vary.

There are three main causes to this:

The Environment

First, there’s simply plain “being cold” because of the environment being cold. You see, we do Thai Massage sessions on a mat on the floor, and in cold climates like in Europe and in North America, for instance, well, it can be rather cold down there on the floor. Besides that, during a session, clients lie down, sometimes for longer periods without any real movement on their side.

So especially in mid-winter, I would use a blanket or a small heater for my clients (both not ideal to do Thai Massage by the way). In any case, clients who start to feel cold is and can be a perfectly normal physical phenomenon.

Getting Tired

Secondly, when clients get tired or sleepy — and both happen during a massage session to some degree — they often simply get cold. To help them out a bit, one could supply them with a blanket to keep them warm, or let them wear a sweater or socks, and the like.

Emotional Release

And, thirdly, there’s also a whole other story of clients getting the chills or suddenly feel frozen, often being accompanied with expressions like crying, shaking, or deep sighs.

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In reality, this often signifies a physical expression of emotional release.

According to the theory that comes with Thai Massage, energy tends to get stuck or blocked in contracted, tensed, or traumatized cell tissue. Now, when we ease or relieve tension and contractions, this old energy releases — flows out of the body as heat and hot, but the client is left behind cold.

Because this old energy is often connected to trauma or emotional tensions, release will often come with physical expressions like sobbing, crying, and the like.

This physical coldness of the body will pass away quickly after the session when the body starts reenergizing itself — now unobstructed — with new, fresh energy pushing through the Sen Energy Meridians and through our opened-up blood circulation system.

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