Experiencing Hot & Cold with Thai Massage

Published | Updated April 18, 2019
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Hot & Cold

In the past, I had seen clients’ reactions of suddenly “being cold”—and this actually happened quite regularly, but I didn’t in any way connect those with some kind of “release.” Or emotional release for that matter.

To me it was just plain “being cold.” Coldness. And I’ll tell you why. You see, we do Thai Massage sessions on a mat on the floor, and in Europe, well, it can be rather cold. And especially on ground floor level. Besides that, during a session, clients lie down, sometimes for longer periods without any movement on their side.

So especially in mid-winter, I would use a blanket or a small heater for my clients (not ideal to do Thai Massage by the way). As to say, to me, clients “being cold” looked like a perfectly normal physical phenomenon.

And I don’t think I was totally wrong in my assumptions—for it really can be just cold, yet I discovered it’s not the whole story. Because at times clients would get sudden chills of cold or suddenly feel frozen, at the same time accompanied with other expressions like crying, shaking, or deep sighs.

I realize now what it means. Or can mean—a physical expression of emotional release. I suppose I agree with a friend of mine who said: “… all you have to do is ALLOW yourself to experience them in order to notice them.

And I would like to add: “… even if truth basically lies in the eye of the beholder, there are still some times, some things—you just can’t deny”.

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